Our original commitment time frame to serve in Haiti was:

12 MONTHS From AUGUST 2007 to JULY 2008.

Now, God willing, we are serving another year in Haiti remaining at Quisqueya Christian School: 2008-2009!

**Yet, here we are again as the Lord leads us into another year serving in Haiti & remaining at Quisqeuya Christian School for 2009-2010.

Sean is employed full-time at Quisqueya Christian School. He is the Technology Director for the school, and also teaches computer courses to the middle and high school students. He also coaches the QCS 7th & 8th grade girls soccer team & other after school sports.

We believe this is truly a God-given opportunity. Quisqueya Christian School has an enrollment of approximately 260 students; consisting mainly of missionary kids and business class Haitian kids. In all likelihood, the young Haitian students will some day be able to be a part of the ruling government here in Haiti…and as many missionary families serve here in Haiti, QCS is able to offer them a safe environment along with a quality christian education for there children. This is a great burden lifted off missionaries with school aged children who are called to come & serve here. As God touches the lives of all these young people we are able to anticipate positive changes not only for today but for the next generation!

Denise is spending her days raising & encouraging her family (their 4 children~3 biological & 1 adopted from the US foster care system whom has Reactive Attachment Disorder). We also have a Haitian girl from Bresma orphanage that we are perusing to adopt & at various times orphans we foster in our home. Denise is also working part time at Quisqueya Christian School. This year she is a teachers aid for the elementary school and is the PE teacher for grades Pre K, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th. She also fills in as is a substitute teacher for the lower elementary grades.

**Our entire family also helps with various orphanages in the area by visiting them when we can & playing with the children, feeding the children, teaching the children & showing the children Jesus’ love. We all are involved specifically with the children at Bresma/Answered Prayers orphanage and with the children at a local Haitian orphanage up in the mountains of Kenscoff.

Our hope & prayers are that God uses us as He wills to accomplish His tasks; that people will still see Jesus in us even though we may struggle & fall at times & are constantly learning along the way; that they too will come to know Him & glorify Him.

Please consider being prayer warriors for us & for Haiti as we serve here & strive to make an eternal difference.

Please pray about possibly supporting us financially or continuing to do so.

We are grateful & willing to accept donations of toys, clothing or money to purchase these items. **(Please note that any item mailed to us costs us $2.00 per pound to get out of customs once it arrives here. Thank you.)

Please feel free to help us as far as ideas or connections to help us raise money to continue to serve here.

Please feel free to contact us anytime. If you are interested in volunteering to come here & help out, you are welcome & would be appreciated!

If you would like us to pray for you, please let us know.

We are grateful to every one of you who has participated with God on our behalf to help us serve here in Haiti!