Click here to see more photos of the QCS students hard at work!

Tuesday of last week was Haitian flag day, a holiday here in Haiti. Schools were closed, including Quisqueya Christian School but 35 of the QCS students spent that day off serving others.

It was hot, about 98 degrees along with Haiti’s normal intense humidity. The students had needed to raise $300 US in order to pay for enough quality paint to cover three newly built homes for three Haitian families….families that had lost their homes in the earthquake. The High schoolers had a bake sale and all grades brought in donations. They exceeded their goal of $300! They packed their lunches and water bottles and woke up to a day that would be full of labor and love for others.

Christian Service International (CSI) had built the three new homes and plan on continuing the new community with about 21 new homes for Haitian families. A new well that gives fresh, flowing drinking water resides there as well.

I can tell you that the QCS students worked hard. They were tired, hot and thirsty but pressed on until the jobs were complete. It was a long day but just a day. A day that would give others so much more. The youngest QCS students that were a part of this were pre schoolers and the oldest ones were 11th graders! They all worked in 3 teams, one per house. Each team had young workers and older workers and they all worked together side by side.

The paint that was applied to the houses should extend the life of each house 2 to 3 years. Way to go QCS students!! We praised the Lord that the day went well. We are thankful for this day and for the opportunity to serve others.