We’re here in Haiti now. It is great to be back! Our flight with Missionary Flights International went fine. We flew on one of their Douglas DC-3 Airliners…known as one of the worlds finest and most respected aircraft. The pilot said the one we flew in on was built in 1943! We stopped in the Bahamas for fuel and then went on to Cap Haitian, Haiti….landed, entered the country there and then flew down to Port au Prince…about a 5 hour trip altogether.

Obviously it is so wonderful to be back with Sean and together again as a family. We have spent the last few days getting familiar with Haiti again. To our surprise we have noticed that much of the rubble that was along certain roads and other places has been cleared already and much more clean up is under way. Before we left we were wondering how many years most of the rubble would remain were it lay.

It is a bit strange being back. On one hand it seems like we never left and on the other hand, it feels like it was a lifetime ago.

We spent most of the weekend putting our house back in some sort of order. Sean had been staying here for the most part but his days consisted of 14 hour days working at QCS, plus helping with its extraordinary relief efforts…so he’d come home late, catch some sleep and then be off again early in the morning…non stop like that, 7 days a week for the last 3 months.

We are thankful our house is still structurally sound. We are thankful for our friends here and for all of the hard and endless work so many people have put in to help this country. We are excited to be going back to school and work tomorrow. Our children seem to be adjusting well as we take all this in again and continue to process Haiti, its people and our lives and roles here.