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We’re here in Haiti now. It is great to be back! Our flight with Missionary Flights International went fine. We flew on one of their Douglas DC-3 Airliners…known as one of the worlds finest and most respected aircraft. The pilot said the one we flew in on was built in 1943! We stopped in the Bahamas for fuel and then went on to Cap Haitian, Haiti….landed, entered the country there and then flew down to Port au Prince…about a 5 hour trip altogether.

Obviously it is so wonderful to be back with Sean and together again as a family. We have spent the last few days getting familiar with Haiti again. To our surprise we have noticed that much of the rubble that was along certain roads and other places has been cleared already and much more clean up is under way. Before we left we were wondering how many years most of the rubble would remain were it lay.

It is a bit strange being back. On one hand it seems like we never left and on the other hand, it feels like it was a lifetime ago.

We spent most of the weekend putting our house back in some sort of order. Sean had been staying here for the most part but his days consisted of 14 hour days working at QCS, plus helping with its extraordinary relief efforts…so he’d come home late, catch some sleep and then be off again early in the morning…non stop like that, 7 days a week for the last 3 months.

We are thankful our house is still structurally sound. We are thankful for our friends here and for all of the hard and endless work so many people have put in to help this country. We are excited to be going back to school and work tomorrow. Our children seem to be adjusting well as we take all this in again and continue to process Haiti, its people and our lives and roles here.


Yes, that is our plan and its in action! Actually, not our plan, but the Lords! After being here in the states without Sean just 3 days shy of 3 months from the day we were evacuated, the kids and I are on our way back to Haiti…

The above title is taken from an email of some pics that our friend sent (thanks Mark!). They are from today, taken by his cell phone, giving you a glimpse of it all. But only a tiny glimpse, as they do not do the day and all of its work and many blessings a bit of justice!

We are sad to leave our new-found lives and friends of Merritt Island, Florida. A very special church called Georgianna “took us in” these last 3 months. We have experienced so many blessings and acts of genuine kindness and generosity through the people of this unique church…people we didn’t even know or had ever even heard of before the night we flew in.

Both I and our children have gained wonderful new friendships with wonderful families and people from our time here in Florida.

We find ourselves making our way back to our beloved Haiti with high hopes and encouragement and strength gained from the walk we have walked while residing here.

I want to thank and praise the Lord for guiding us to the place he did. I want to thank the people of Georgianna church on Merritt Island, for you all have loved us and walked with us during this time of uncertainty and change. It was no accident or coincident that we ended up with you! You couldn’t have been “with us” better. Georgianna doesn’t just talk the talk, these people walk the walk and they do it in a way that glorifies the Lord and in a way that benefits their community and all of those around them.

Tom B and Mark W and their families, thank you for your help today. Dr. Hoagland thank you for your truck which gave us freedom and opportunities these past 3 months. The Joiners welcomed us and shared their home with us our second week here, Eric gave us his home for a month, Sara and Steve took care of many of our needs as Sean was away, all of you that brought us those wonderful meals, the gifts, the friendships, the kind words, the hugs, your prayers, thank you….all of you, the Lord knows each one of you and your kind acts. We too, hold these things close to our hearts.

We will take on your acts of kindness and pass them on in Haiti. So many of you at Georgianna, plus our neighbors and special others outside of Florida that helped us and loved on us during this time, thank you for all that you did for us. The Lord knows many of these days were not easy for us but we pressed on and gained strength through Him and His people. May the Lord continue to bless everyone that knows Him and keep calling the ones that don’t.

We are about to catch a MFI plane to Haiti in about 5 hours! Praise the Lord!

The middle pic is us with our friends in front of the plane we’ll be flying on~

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