Please visit the Quisqueya Christian School link to the left for more informative updates on all that is going on there. QCS is helping to coordinate some amazing things & at the same time striving to serve it’s students & staff with excellence. Sean remains there & reports that they are all putting in 16 to 20 hour days with all that is going on with the relief efforts & school.

Praise the Lord as QCS did re-open its doors today (Wednesday)…just 15 days after the earthquake! Sean said that their were either 58 or 68 (couldn’t hear which) students that returned today! I & our children were so excited to hear that!

Adjusting to life here in the states after the crisis of Haiti is hard. We couldn’t be in better hands or with better people but Haiti is heavy on our hearts & we miss our lives there.

Although the media may not recognize this, isn’t it amazing to see so much of Gods miraculous glory during this time of devastation for Haiti?! He is there. Hope is real. Much good will come from all of this.