I have no title for this. My brain, thoughts & emotions are not themselves. This is from Denise. I wrote the below post & pics from when we were still in Haiti but didn’t have time to post it. So I will now.

First an update on us. I am in the states (FLorida) with all of our children, even Bethaina. Sean is still in Haiti doing relief work & will remain there until not needed as much.

We came in late Monday night, on my 41st Birthday with 26 orphans & about 10 other people. We landed in Ft. Pierce. We are doing ok. Decompressing & processing. It is very weird & a bit of a bumpy road. I will write more another time about how God has us so clearly in His hands. Not only did we experience His protection during the earthquake of Haiti but we have experienced nothing but miracle after miracle since it hit, even in the hardest moments. Even amongst such devastation, I know His hands our protecting us & guiding us, not only us but all of His children. I am overwhelmed at what He has done for us & continues to do for us through His people & His plans.

Did God let this tragedy strike Haiti? Yes. Did He cause it to happen? Yes & no. Will nothing but great future blessings come from this? Yes. His plans are for eternity, not just the immediate. He cares for souls & His plans in all of this are to save as many as He can. & He will.

I have no doubt that He is very near everyone involved in this tragedy. All they have to do is look & seek, as I know many of the Haitian people were doing just hours after the earthquake. Their is a God. He is a good & loving God.

Thank you for your prayers & love & support. Please keep the prayers going past when the media is quiet & this all is on the sidelines. Haiti needs them. The people of Haiti need them. The people that serve in Haiti need them. Please continue to pray for Seans safety & the safety of those that are helping Haiti.

In Christs hands,
Denise & family

Here are some pics from Friday & Saturday, days 3 & 4 after the quake. Their is a story to each one of these pics. It now seems so fruitless to post them but know that each of these moments were treasured as opportunities to serve. The pics with the pills are of QCS staff helping put together bags of about 20 Ibubrophin & such to hand out to the wounded people that were coming in. The little boy, Quincy, age 6, had a broken leg & head & jaw injury. No morphine or pain meds other than what we had. We housed him at QCS for 3 days along with his parents until help came. Other injured people stayed as well. Everyone that was already there did all that we could do & gave all that we had to help.

These next pics are from Saturday, day 4 after the quake of our kids & Denise at the Bresma 1 house where about 100 of the Bresma children were residing since the usual 48ish at the Bresma 2 house where there as well because their house was not safe to stay in.

Bresma had received word Friday am that it may be a possibility that the children get to go to the states…waiting for all of the bureaucracy & a miracle from God & many behind behind this, we remained at Bresma 1 most of the day to help with the kids & be ready to get them ready for when we get the ok to go. While we were there, another aftershock hit. All of the kids within a split second were running, screaming & crying as they ran outside. We remained with the nannies & children the rest of the afternoon in the front courtyard area of the orphanage. The children were scared to death. Maryann was at Jaimie (sp) & Alis (sp) with a fever & nausea which she had not been feeling well for 2 days prior but still did her job & took care of the Bresma 1 & 2 orphans. Please pray for her. She is visiting this month for Christmas vacation from college. She has been sick twice now since being here this time. I know after the quake hit & the stress of that & being responsible for 40+ children & not having any sleep or enough food or water did her system in. Please pray for her. If she has not left yet, she is scheduled to be on the Pittsburgh flight with the children.