This is not proof read or fully spell checked~just posted with what limited time & energy we had~

Please keep praying for Haiti.

And thank you all whom have personally prayed for us and our children.

Here are some pictures taken about 20 to 30 minutes before the earthquake hit. It was the first day of soccer this year for the girls QCS High Schoolers. Sean is one of the coaches & Chloe is on the team so we were all there on the QCS campus except Banning whom had left for his first drum lesson here in Haiti.

Here are some pics below from day three I think. We were up for the first 48 hrs after it hit with only about 4 hrs of sleep total. We had the camera with us from the moment it struck as you can see from the soccer try outs but it was just too much to take any pictures. Personally it was the very last thing on Seans or my mind. We’ll have to post sometime about our personal experience during & right after the quake. Don’t even think I can put it into words right now. It is just too raw & surreal.

After finding our son Banning whom we didn’t know how or where exactly he was when it hit as he was at a friends house but was to be in route back to the school around that time. We found him by car & then by foot 2.5 hours after it hit, Praise the Lord he & the people he was with were all ok!!). We then immediately proceeded to make our way to the Bresma orphanages (none of them needed to go to a hospital, they had all made it outside safely, along with Maryann! Praise God!!) we stayed a bit to assess how they were & loved on the kids & Maryann & the nannies & then drove on to a few loved ones homes that we knew were not solid. We then went to the Caribbean Market on Delmas. We knew at this point that it had completely collapsed as we had already heard, plus we had driven by it several times during our first rounds of finding people. We had assumed that rescuers or UN or someone would be in there helping. We just couldn’t pass it again though without knowing for sure. We got in & their were about 50+ Haitians inside the parking lot & all of the rubble. About 6 to 10 were trying to dig people out. Everyone else was watching. Their was no professional help there. None. And this was about 4.5 hours after the quake hit. Denise was with Jaime Kuhnle and Nicole Steiner (new teachers this year at QCS) whom were riding along with us. We walked in & asked what we could do to help. “Are you Doctors?” No. We walked around and saw people looting. We climbed up the rubble to hold our flashlights & lantern for the men digging whom had no lights at all. We could hear people trapped inside as we stood there. We gave them our lights and moved on. Then we were lead to a woman on the other side of the market that had just been pulled out & she was not in good shape. Her face, chest & one leg were drenched in blood. She was conscious but didn’t look like she would be for long. We had her put on a board laying down & lead some men to carry her to our car outside on the street where Sean had been waiting. He didn’t ask any questions. We threw down the back seats & took her to the nearest hospital that we heard was still up. We got to the hospital & their were at least 30 critically wounded people outside of it packed in the street. It was already full inside. Sean went in & found a Doctor or nurse that was there. He comes out to check the woman still in our car. Tells us that all medical supplies are gone already. Asks us to find a towel, paper or take off our shirt or something to help.

We unloaded her & told him that we would try to bring back whatever we could find. Ended up grabbing pillow cases, towels & any first aid stuff we had & went back to QCS campus to get Miquette the school nurse. She accompanies us along with Art Mcmahon back to Caribbean.

We all spent the next 6+ hrs at the Caribbean market. We learned then that some of the owners of Caribbean were there & spoke with them. They too had taken people to that hospital, I think she said at that time about 20 already. We also asked about different friends that were employees there & found out that some of them had been working that day. One of that had not. Sean & Art were literally two of about 12 men total helping to dig, search & find people. Miquette set up a bit of triage & us ladies helped her. As the night went on & the early morning hours came, we did notice more of the people watching began pitching in to help. But we also noticed many more looters, looting right around & next to the very people laying on their stomachs inside a half dug hole of cement debris while trying to reach the ones they heard buried under all of that.

The next day sometime, it must have been late morning we were driving by again & saw that some more official aid was in there helping & then by the second day 2 cranes were actually in there.

No pictures of that & those first 12 hours & I wouldn’t wish to have any.

Here are a few we do have. These are all rated G…& we only shot G rated pictures. I don’t think we were up to taking any pictures at all until the 3rd day after. Just wasn’t an option or a thought for us….we won’t need pictures to remember what we saw those first 48 hours after the earthquake hit Haiti.