Haiti is such a conflicting place. In all areas. Their seems to be so much chaos, devastation and hopelessness, not just among the people but clearly among the culture, the government and the environment …yet at the same time their is such beauty, kindness and strength. A powerful, rooted strength of perseverance and survival. All this is so hard to wrap ones mind around. It seems crazy at first but the longer we are here, I see and admire many of the simplicities of the way things are here. I am humbled at the simple glimpse of joy and hope I find in many of the Haitian people and especially the children, even amongst their extreme adversities.

On the other hand, many are eager to get something from us, out of their desperation or from being accustomed to getting help from the “blancs” (white people), they often actually expect something from us; typically food, money or a job. They can be very demanding and persistent. A lot of the time, it seems as though everyone is in need or wanting something. But in general I continue to find the Haitian people to be very simple, kind & friendly. If you take the time, many are also happy with light conversation and a smile or a hug.

There is also of course the ugliness from some of the people, whether driven by desperation or just wanting to have control and have some sort of power in their seemingly meaningless lives… this is mainly what keeps many visitors away from Haiti.

It is actually obvious to feel and recognize the powers of the enemy and the power of the Holy Spirit at work here. We see it everyday, and it is often not subtle. It is an ongoing way of life here for us that we continue to have to process on a daily basis. It can be tiring and draining. Haiti and Port au Prince in particular, continues to be a place of mystery and confusion but it also is becoming a place of stability and peace for us, like home.

We see the Lord at work in our lives everyday. We rely on His word to keep us on track and focused and full of hope and joy.

We often hike through our new neighborhood when we get the chance. It is actually quite beautiful and so peaceful. It has been interesting to begin to get acquainted with our area & some of our neighbors.

For Quisqueya Christian School this week, we have half days and the High School students are taking their semester exams. The elementary students are quite excited about the holiday season and will be having a light academic week as they have many different fun things planned to celebrate the season and the end of the first semester.

Here are some pictures from one of our walks around our neighborhood:

2000 years later, much of the world still celebrates and talks about the event of Christ being born on this earth. It is our hope and prayer that you all see and know the true reason for this holiday season.
In Christs love,
Denise & family