Every month the 9th graders at QCS go off campus to work at their particular class’ ministry. This year they have been paired with the children at Bresma 1 orphanage.

This is an awesome opportunity for the students at QCS & for the children they are ministering to! Each year the QCS high school students are required to complete 30 service hours which include 10 class hours, 10 school hours & 10 independent hours.

I have helped transport & accompany the 9th graders to their trips to Bresma. It has been incredible to watch these students grow through this process. I have seen them begin to bond with, become friends with & care about the children at Bresma 1. I have seen them from the point of not knowing what to do to help these kids to jumping in & engaging with them without hesitation. It is good to see them responding so well! It is getting them to think about a lot of important things!

It is up to the students to plan what they are going to do, what they are going to bring & up to them to follow through with it all. They also debrief with Mrs. Heath on what they can do to improve their time & trip for the next month. They are required to write an evaluation on how their experience went.

These students at QCS will have the ability & education to influence or even be a part of the governing body for the future of Haiti if they choose. We hope & pray that these types of mission trips will help the students realize the many different needs of Haiti, help them to think about others & not just themselves & why it is important to have goals for the future in order to be able to help Haiti by creating or supporting a non corrupt, well educated & productive government…& God willing instill a Christ-like foundation in the governing body of Haiti.

Here are some pics of the QCS 9th graders from their first 2 trips this year to the Bresma 1 orphanage~
PS~Chloe is in this class & I love what they are doing & who they are becoming! I am growing very fond of these young adults 🙂