These pictures are back from August & Sept. Bethaina had another Birthday! She was so excited to be turning 6 years old!! We celebrated at school with cupcakes & also at home with our family.

We also celebrated Stanleys 11th Birthday at our house. He & his 5 year old brother are still waiting for an adoptive family. They are wonderful, caring boys. If you know of anyone or if you are interested in adopting 2 special boys, please inquire about them. We can put you in contact with their orphanage.

I will post some other random pics as well. Some day we will catch up 🙂

Unfortunately, we have tarantulas in the area of our new house off campus. We have had 2 huge ones that used to live out in our yard area. This one we found recently hanging out under our trampoline. He is much smaller than the other ones we have seen. These guys get huge here. The first time we saw one, we couldn’t believe it’s size. They don’t bother us & don’t seem to be too bothered by us. They seem to let us look at them if we (Banning that is) don’t try to touch them. The first humongous one we let stay for awhile. It had it’s hideout just under the ledge of the foundation of the house. Every night we would walk outside & there it would be out in the open. It would stay there as we observed it every night with flashlights, kid ruckus & often times squeals. But finally I got way too “creeped” out at the thought of it coming in our house while we were sleeping so we relocated it & all of the others since.