Hi folks. Sorry about the long delay in updating our blog. As you can imagine we have been very busy. September and October came and went. The school just had their annual Harvest party for the elementary students. I was the MC for the 2 hour event. We had a duck pond, a maze, face painting, treats and a zip line. The day was a great success! We have some photos that we will post. We have been relatively healthy since our Dengue fever but now there is a nasty stomach flu going around. Reagan, Banning, Bethaina and Denise have had it.
We are finally starting to settle into our house. We are living off campus up the mountain towards Kenscoff about 25 minutes away from the school. The temperature is cooler but we have to deal with traffic, roads and other things that occur here while living off of a compound. School has been great. The 1st quarter was a little rough due to the sicknesses. They missed some school and then they went to Denise’s sister’s house to see their new baby twin cousins.

Sorry for the delay… We will hope to get more regular with our posts…

Thank you to those whom have continued to keep us in your prayers! They are much needed & appreciated!

We are pressing on with great hope in Him.

In His Service,
Sean and Denise