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These pictures are back from August & Sept. Bethaina had another Birthday! She was so excited to be turning 6 years old!! We celebrated at school with cupcakes & also at home with our family.

We also celebrated Stanleys 11th Birthday at our house. He & his 5 year old brother are still waiting for an adoptive family. They are wonderful, caring boys. If you know of anyone or if you are interested in adopting 2 special boys, please inquire about them. We can put you in contact with their orphanage.

I will post some other random pics as well. Some day we will catch up 🙂

Unfortunately, we have tarantulas in the area of our new house off campus. We have had 2 huge ones that used to live out in our yard area. This one we found recently hanging out under our trampoline. He is much smaller than the other ones we have seen. These guys get huge here. The first time we saw one, we couldn’t believe it’s size. They don’t bother us & don’t seem to be too bothered by us. They seem to let us look at them if we (Banning that is) don’t try to touch them. The first humongous one we let stay for awhile. It had it’s hideout just under the ledge of the foundation of the house. Every night we would walk outside & there it would be out in the open. It would stay there as we observed it every night with flashlights, kid ruckus & often times squeals. But finally I got way too “creeped” out at the thought of it coming in our house while we were sleeping so we relocated it & all of the others since.


We have finally updated the newsletter section with all the latest updates from QCS. If you have time please read through them…. they are a great way to see what the Lord is doing here in Haiti both in and through the lives of the students, their families and the staff of QCS. Denise & I feel strongly that the mission and ministry of Quisqueya Christian School is very important, not only to the lives of the students futures, but also to the future of Haiti.

Ok, this is back in August before QCS started this school year. We still lived on campus in our apartment at QCS. Over the summer we often visited the Bresma orphanage children or brought some of them to our home & the campus to play & eat. Two of them in particular (Stanley & Kenkins) stayed with us all summer long! We also had a few Movie nights when we had EDH & brought a group or 2 of the Bresma kids to watch & have dinner & popcorn.

Jimmy showing me his artwork he had made for me :) Bresma kids coloring at their orphanage (also called Answered Prayers) Bresma kids Bringing orphans to our house to play Lil David driving (we were only in the parking lot of school) Playing Outside the orphanage walls to play~yay! Denise & her lil buddy David Banning & Kenkins Not as easy as it looks! Bresma girls playing on our trampoline Kenkins & Stanley

The next main event we failed to post earlier was our journey moving off campus. To make a long & confusing story of events short, I can tell you that finding a home to rent, negotiating, getting it in fairly livable condition (that is with some sort of working electricity & some sort of water to the place) & actually moving into it & making it into a home is a totally different experience than in the states…& Sean & I had plenty of experience buying & selling homes & moving multiple times, even throughout multiple states…but this was not an easy task by any means. Fair enough though, we had been warned by many fellow veteran missionaries whom have lived for some time off of any sort of compound or complex in this third world country of Haiti…so we were prepared right??? Not. But now all is well & we feel very fortunate to have a “home of our own” here.

Another major thing was the first day of classes at Quisqueya Chrsitian School for the 2009-2010 school year!

Quisqueya Christian School has 56 new families this year! Praise the Lord!

Chloe is in 9th grade this year. Banning & Easton are in 6th grade this year. Reagan is in 4th & Bethaina is in Kindergarten.

Banning, Chloe, Bethaina & Reagan ready to jump into the new school year! QCS Middle & High school students at the opening ceremony QCS Middle & High schoolers QCS Elementary kids at opening ceremony Reagan, excited to be starting 4th grade! QCS 2009-2010 school years begins! The first morning was buzzing with activity... Some QCS Kindergarteners QCS' new Pre K class Kindergarteners Pre K students get to work QCS Pre K student Pre K students deciding that Pre K at QCS is fun! QCS Pre K student eager to learn & explore her capabilities~

Hi folks. Sorry about the long delay in updating our blog. As you can imagine we have been very busy. September and October came and went. The school just had their annual Harvest party for the elementary students. I was the MC for the 2 hour event. We had a duck pond, a maze, face painting, treats and a zip line. The day was a great success! We have some photos that we will post. We have been relatively healthy since our Dengue fever but now there is a nasty stomach flu going around. Reagan, Banning, Bethaina and Denise have had it.
We are finally starting to settle into our house. We are living off campus up the mountain towards Kenscoff about 25 minutes away from the school. The temperature is cooler but we have to deal with traffic, roads and other things that occur here while living off of a compound. School has been great. The 1st quarter was a little rough due to the sicknesses. They missed some school and then they went to Denise’s sister’s house to see their new baby twin cousins.

Sorry for the delay… We will hope to get more regular with our posts…

Thank you to those whom have continued to keep us in your prayers! They are much needed & appreciated!

We are pressing on with great hope in Him.

In His Service,
Sean and Denise