Things have not seemed to slow down much here in Haiti. Another consistent thing… the weather sure is HOT!! Our children are doing well. It has been very dry & very humid & very hot but today started out a bit different…a little breezy, then actually windy and then later turned cloudy and now as evening settles in, it has been raining off & on for the past hour….everything has cooled down!
Here are some pics from the end of last week at Bresma orphanage~

Maryann at work; yes a week & a half after her laparoscopy Reagan reading with Peterson Chloe reading with Peter (Petersons twin brother) Reagan helping with handwriting~she LOVES teaching. Stanley & Jimmy reading to Banning Julise (in brown shirt) came with us & helped Pierre Banning helping Frankins with handwriting Denise with Ketia Chloe reading with Whans & Kenkins Dashmie Faber & Peterson relaxing & reading Wadner, Kervens & Kenkins Little Stanley with big Stanley Maryann with AP kids

We took Maryann to the airport today as she is returning to the states. She has spent the last 2 weeks with us recuperating from an emergency appendectomy here in Haiti. It was acute and a little scary but she was in good hands & all went well. Praise God! Sadly for us & the children of Bresma she ended up leaving 6 weeks early as she was originally scheduled to stay the whole summer & work. We will miss her and her wonderful & willing spirit. We promised Maryann we wouldn’t post any pics of her in the hospital after surgery looking her finest… although we do have a great one for future negotiating 🙂
Banning, Reagan & Maryann Our troop today at the airport...bye for now Maryann...we know God has great things in store for you...