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Here is an article from “Our Daily Bread”, it’s connotation has always kept me inspired to be all that I can be for my children:

Our Legacy

A friend of mine wrote recently, “If we died tomorrow, the company that we are working for could easily replace us in a matter of days. But the family left behind would feel the loss for the rest of their lives. Why then do we invest so much in our work and so little in our children’s lives?”

Why do we sometimes exhaust ourselves rising up early and going late to rest, “eating the bread of anxious toil” (Psalm 127:1-2), busying ourselves to make our mark on this world, and overlooking the one investment that matters beyond everything else–our children?

Solomon declared, “Children are a heritage from the Lord”–an invaluable legacy He has bequeathed us. “Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth” (v.4) is his striking simile. Nothing is more worthy of our energy and time.

There is no need for “anxious toil,” working night and day, the wise man Solomon proclaimed, for the Lord does take care of us (Psalm 127:2). We can make time for our children and trust that the Lord will provide for all of our physical needs. Children, whether our own or those we disciple, are our lasting legacy–an investment we’ll never regret. —David Roper

Blesh kids, Bresma orphanage kids & friend pics~
Banning & school friends Easton & Bannings 5th grade class before school ended this year Reagan & friend~another MK (missionary kid) pole climbing IMG_6241 Chloe with her little Bresma friends IMG_6251 IMG_6256 Bresma boys praying at mealtime IMG_6285 IMG_6286 IMG_6295 Little boy wanting Chloe to pick him up Little girl wanted picked up IMG_6301 J & friends showing off :) If you are looking, the girl in the middle is still in need of an adoptive family

~Denise & family


All is well here. Praise God! The 2008-2009 QCS school year has ended. The end of the year was busy and full with exams and exciting events. Senior graduation, prom, field trips, 8th grade promotion, 6th grade step up…big steps for many young people!

Also, several goodbyes to fellow missionaries~ not only our co workers but friends and family to us~ not only for the summer but to ones that are moving on or returning to the states or Canada & will not be returning to Haiti next school year. We will miss them greatly and were blessed by them beyond words; blessed by their friendships and their wide range of expertise, experiences and personalities. Sad times, but with every ending in each phase of life, their is a new wondrous beginning!

We are now busy with running a summer educational enrichment camp here at QCS and also volunteering even more at Bresma 1 & 2 and with Maryann and the kids there.

Summer seems to be flying by already! It is hot & muggy here. We had a week of no EDH (city power) at all. “Normally” we have EDH for about 7 hours every night. But even that can change on any given day. No EDH for a week was interesting to say the least in this heat…

Here are some pics. Sorry for the long delay in posting~
QCS students Pre K year end party Bethaina made this necklace for Denise for Haitian Mothers Day :) QCS 8th grade promotion~see Chloe :) Way to go Chloe!! Ms. Hargrove with some "new" 9th graders QCS students 6th grade step up ceremony into middle school Blesh kids with some Bresma kids we took swimming Last goodbye swim with Pam D. & Kim H. boo hoo Kim Hargrove, Pam Deyoung & Reagan~ taking Kim to the airport boo hoo