We are so excited! We just found out for sure that our friend, Maryann, who was living & serving here last year is coming to Haiti for the summer!

She came here for a year to work with Answered Prayers orphanage. That was our first year here as well. Plus, she was from Washington, from our neck of the woods, which helped us feel less homesick on many occasions! While here, she lived in the orphanage with anywhere from 40 to 60 kiddos at a time. She taught them school & oversaw all the daily responsibilities of the children & the orphanage.

She inspired us greatly & we came to love this young woman whom was serving God so boldly & whole heartedly. We watched her walk the very difficult path of living here for that first year. She walked it with grace, courage & sureness. She ended up spending most weekends at our house that year which was very good for us & for her. Her attitude was always positive & she walked so closely with God, no matter what. She probably has no idea but she taught us so much our first year here. She was (& still is) a good friend to Sean & I & to our children. She brought a lot of laughter, insight & good times to our home.

Plus, she stayed at our house here (while still resuming her responsibilities at Answered Prayers) with Bethaina & Kathina while we went to the states last summer. If it weren’t for her doing that, our 2 girls would of had to go back into the orphanage while we were gone. That would have been devastating for them. Anyways, she left back to the states (very torn) as planned for college last summer the day we returned to Haiti.

Well, she is preparing for finals now & finishing up her first year of college & God has opened the doors for her to come to Haiti & work with Answered Prayers for the whole summer! Needless to say, we are very excited. We will be picking her up at the airport in a couple of weeks!!

Please keep this young lady in your prayers as she plans for what God has in store for her. Chloe already marked her dates on our calendar! We are so excited for you Maryann & for us…hehe…we are humbled that you chose to spend your summer serving Christ in Haiti.

Turn your gaze to heaven and raise a joyous noise…the sound of salvation come…the sound of the rescued ones…all this for A King…angels join to sing…all for Christ the King…oh oh Praise him…

Pics from last year~
Maryann with Answered Prayers kids Maryann with an AP girl Maryann doing Reagans hair :) Maryann with Kathina June 2008 at QCS graduation