Sorry for the lack of posting. There has been quite a bit of activity here in Haiti and at Quisqueya Christian School.

USNS Comfort in Haiti Haitian home.  You can see the ship in the far background

First off the USNS Comfort was here for 10 days. See the link here. What made this special is that 15 to 20 students went to help translate everyday the ship was here. This was quite an extraordinary opportunity. Quoting from the link above:

“While in Haiti, the medical staff treated 6,731 patients, had 30,586 patient encounters, and performed 161 surgeries. The veterinary staff treated 2,354 animals and the pharmacy filled 15,504 prescriptions. Seabees from the ship also conducted renovation project in Haiti, and the crew delivered 350 palets of donated aid.”

Here is a link to a student’s facebook album. Every morning a UN bus came and picked up the kids and left at 7:00 am with a police escort. This was an exciting opportunity for so many! What a blessing this was for Haiti.

Also, Read A Thon did happen & was a great success! It was a busy but fun week. Total minutes read during the Read A Thon week were 46,252! The third grade class read the most…8,096 minutes! As a prize they got to throw water balloons at one of the students favorite teachers… Mr. McMahon. They loved that!

The total pledge for the Read A Thon was $2,224.38 Wow! Excellent job QCS elementary students!! Thanks to all who participated & to all those who sponsored these young readers.

Click on our QCS weekly Newsletter link & go to April 17, 2009 to read more specifics about the Read A Thon class & individual results! We were so proud of our children and of all the QCS students. They focused with determination & excellent attitudes and ran the reading race to raise funds for the Haitian children involved with Ti Malice & their literacy program!

QCS Second graders on Pajama Day PreK Pajama Day playing game PreK Pajama Day eating their special snack QCS 3rd Grade class (Reagans class) on School Colors Day of Read A Thon week Obstacle race Obstacle race Reagan running the Obstacle Relay race Obstacle Relay race Obstacle Relay race

Here are some pics from the Read A Thon Awards Ceremony~
QCS PreK winners.  Bethaina got 2nd place! QCS Kindergarten winners! QCS 1st Grade winners QCS 4th grade winners QCS 5th grade winners.  Banning came in 2nd place! Bethaina with her reading awards Bethaina got 1st place in her grade for her Read A Thon poster