QCS Read-A-Thon 2009 officially began this morning (Friday) at 8:30 a.m. All elementary students are roused to participate! This fun event ends next Friday, April 3rd. Participants are encouraged to read as much as they can during this time.

Next week is Read-A-Thon daily theme days, with a different fun dress up schedule for each day…which will be exciting for the students. Many volunteers and staff will be busy running the scheduled field day type activities each day of next week, various times for each grade. I’m looking forward to helping with those games in between my regular schedule!

Last but definitely not least, the students that participate record their total daily read minutes each day. They have been asked to collect sponsor pledges to raise money for their reading.

All funds raised will benefit the community service project efforts of Ti Malice, a local Haitian educational program for children.

Check them out at: http://www.TiMalice.net or http://www.centretimalice.blogspot.com

Anyone want to sponsor any of our children?! Easton, Banning, Reagan or Bethaina? You can pledge any amount per each 15 minutes read, or you can make a one time max pledge for their final total minutes read.

They are looking for sponsors now 😉 If you are interested and have any questions, please just ask! Our children are pumped about this and are ready to run this race!

Here are some pictures from today of the opening ceremony and the elementary “Parade of Nations”: Go QCS!!!!!

Reagan parading in QCS' "Parade of Nations" QCS "Parade of Nations" for Read A Thon QCS 4th Graders parading~ Nations Parade around QCS campus Pre K~Bethaina hiding behind her Haiti flag~she was sooo excited all week about this parade!! 5th Grade~YAY! Go Banning~

On to other exciting news…Sean & I had our 15th Wedding Anniversary on the 19th! Wow, our marriage has been blessed greatly over those years! With triumphs, trials and children, we couldn’t ask for anything more…. Our Lord gives & takes away…my heart will choose to say…Lord, blessed be your name…comes to mind….

We got to go out to a nice French Restaurant called La Souvenance, and had a wonderful time together. Pam DeYoung (another missionary teacher here at QCS) stayed with our kids~which our kids just loved! They made green pancakes, played outside in the dark without any shoes, did who knows what else & enthusiastically “left all cleanup for tomorrow”. Pam~ we love you & so do our kids! Thanks for giving them a special night too! Thank you for your friendship & love for our family. Several other friends here were “in” on making our anniversary a unique day for us as well…thanks so much, we felt very special & enjoyed our kid~less night out, especially in knowing that our kids were having a blast too!

15 years ago~our wedding day :) Our 15th Wedding Anniversary! Pam with our kids :)