Sean is currently at the airport trying to pick someone up…but it is pouring rain & has been for the last 2 hours. He is with our friend Kim picking up her friend who flew in from Texas. They just called & said that water was everywhere. Like one and a half feet deep just flooding right at the airport.

If you have been to the PAP airport, you know that you must walk a ways outside coming off a plane to get to the terminal. So right now, they have “heard” that the people on the plane are not being allowed to get off yet! So they wait… Chloe & Kathina are with them. I know Kathina took our battery free, wind up flashlight & Kim had an umbrella…

Even just going to the airport real quick to pick someone up is always an adventure here!

In fact after being here for a year and a half now, I think it is finally sinking in that nothing here is done “real quick”…

Poor friend on the plane. His plane was delayed as well because in Florida they were boarded & on the run way when they were informed they had to go back & deplane…wait 2 hours & then board again. Traveling is not for the faint of heart.

I hope his bags make it! I also hope he has a wonderful experience while here. Anyone else want to come?!? 🙂 It would be a trip you would never forget…that we can guarantee!

Ok, it is now 9:02 pm as I post this, Sean just called again & they are on their way driving home… without Kim’s friend. It is believed that the plane did not land & had to turn around & go back to Miami. Of course many different stories were confirmed while they waited and no one will know for sure until we hear from the actual passengers.

(You have to wait outside, or in their case tonight, probably the car and no one picking up is allowed in the PAP airport at all. You can only get in if you have a ticket along with the proper documents & are flying out).

They said they are driving home now dodging all kinds of debris in the roads from the flooding rains….and here that could mean much and ANY kind of debris!

Well we are back from our adventure… WOW. Water rushing down a road we drove on… LOTS of water…. Various floating objects all over….

The plane was ultimately turned around back to Miami due to the weather. The people coming in are now on a flight at 7:00 am tomorrow. On our way back we saw so much debris…. rocks of various sizes all over the roads, washouts and ruts… I have never seen so much water…. It literally felt like driving though a flood!! Another adventure in Haiti!!