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QCS Read-A-Thon 2009 officially began this morning (Friday) at 8:30 a.m. All elementary students are roused to participate! This fun event ends next Friday, April 3rd. Participants are encouraged to read as much as they can during this time.

Next week is Read-A-Thon daily theme days, with a different fun dress up schedule for each day…which will be exciting for the students. Many volunteers and staff will be busy running the scheduled field day type activities each day of next week, various times for each grade. I’m looking forward to helping with those games in between my regular schedule!

Last but definitely not least, the students that participate record their total daily read minutes each day. They have been asked to collect sponsor pledges to raise money for their reading.

All funds raised will benefit the community service project efforts of Ti Malice, a local Haitian educational program for children.

Check them out at: or

Anyone want to sponsor any of our children?! Easton, Banning, Reagan or Bethaina? You can pledge any amount per each 15 minutes read, or you can make a one time max pledge for their final total minutes read.

They are looking for sponsors now 😉 If you are interested and have any questions, please just ask! Our children are pumped about this and are ready to run this race!

Here are some pictures from today of the opening ceremony and the elementary “Parade of Nations”: Go QCS!!!!!

Reagan parading in QCS' "Parade of Nations" QCS "Parade of Nations" for Read A Thon QCS 4th Graders parading~ Nations Parade around QCS campus Pre K~Bethaina hiding behind her Haiti flag~she was sooo excited all week about this parade!! 5th Grade~YAY! Go Banning~

On to other exciting news…Sean & I had our 15th Wedding Anniversary on the 19th! Wow, our marriage has been blessed greatly over those years! With triumphs, trials and children, we couldn’t ask for anything more…. Our Lord gives & takes away…my heart will choose to say…Lord, blessed be your name…comes to mind….

We got to go out to a nice French Restaurant called La Souvenance, and had a wonderful time together. Pam DeYoung (another missionary teacher here at QCS) stayed with our kids~which our kids just loved! They made green pancakes, played outside in the dark without any shoes, did who knows what else & enthusiastically “left all cleanup for tomorrow”. Pam~ we love you & so do our kids! Thanks for giving them a special night too! Thank you for your friendship & love for our family. Several other friends here were “in” on making our anniversary a unique day for us as well…thanks so much, we felt very special & enjoyed our kid~less night out, especially in knowing that our kids were having a blast too!

15 years ago~our wedding day :) Our 15th Wedding Anniversary! Pam with our kids :)


We want to share a scenario with you. Something that is an everyday occurrence here…just to give you a little picture:

We borrow the QCS car in order to get groceries. As we sit in traffic along Delmas, an extremely busy main road in Port au Prince, we see children walking amongst the cars in the traffic, weaving in & out of the slow moving cars. They have on worn out, mismatched shoes, or shoes that are too big or too small for their feet, sometimes they don’t have on any shoes at all. They are fragile looking with a sense of eagerness & desperation in their eyes. Some usually carry a small worn cloth that is typically blue but you can barely see the color of it because of how filthy the cloth is.

An initial first reaction…perhaps… “what on earth are these kids doing in the street among all of this moving traffic!!??. Where is CPS, where are their parents & families!!??” And then my mind flashes to some memories I have of the states…

I remember that in the states many people (including myself) would take the time out to stop and pull over & help a dog or other animal in the middle of a street or highway that was obviously in distress. My children & I have rescued many lost or hurt animals along the roadsides in Idaho over the years. We usually were fortunate enough to nurse them back to health & find their owners or re home them into new homes if they were animals that had been purposely “dumped” which seemed like the case a lot of the time. Once I saw a boy that looked to be about the age of 8-10ish or so riding a bike alongside a 3 lane highway in Idaho, (the next exit was about a mile away & it was dusk!). I was in the fast lane & couldn’t believe my eyes & didn’t have time enough to pull over, so I immediately called the police on my cell phone. I knew they would take care of it & make sure the boy was safe…

But this is Haiti. A completely different country & culture.

One would logically ask what the reason is for these kids in PAP to be in the streets? Their hope & reason for being IN such a busy street?! Food, money, hand out, something to do, anything. Being amongst the moving traffic at the busiest parts of the main road ensure them of a better chance at a hand out or even making some money.

They are hungry. They look starving. The whites of their eyes usually seem to have a permanent reddish, pinkish color to them. They hold out their hands, come right up to your window & peer in… & if they know you, you see a beautiful smile & hear an enthusiastic~ tap, tap, tap, from their little fingers. They start wiping your car down with the dry, filthy rag. They are quick & want to make it shine. When the traffic moves, they do not retreat back to the side of the street but walk along your vehicle as to not let you get away. Sometimes they run to keep up, while keeping their faces desperately placed right at your window & say “Mwe grangu , Mwe grangu”… “I’m hungry. I’m hungry.”

Some people let them wipe a bit of their cars down & hand them some coins, some people hand them something just because & have them move on, some people (most it seems, including us sometimes) have to say & motion a firm “No” because they have nothing to give, don’t want to, or can’t, to every single needy person or child on the street that needs food or money.

These are some of the street kids of Haiti. Their are many of them. They do not have the means to go to school, let alone have a decent place to call home. Their is no government Child Protection Services to call. The police here see them in the streets everyday.

This was one of the things that we had a hard time (& still do) adjusting to, accepting & witnessing on a regular basis. Seeing this just does something confusing to your heart & soul. Something we don’t even know how to explain. Is it a normal thing here? Yes. Do you get used to it? Well, No. But you have to accept it.

Here are a few pics to give you an idea. The boy in the blue shirt is our little “friend” named Franzee. We can always count on seeing him & he always seems to find us if we are going up Delmas. When we know we’ll be heading in one of the 2 places where the kids hang out the most, we like to take some fruit, yogurt or other food to be able to give them. The pictures speak for themselves.

Franzee & his friend They excitedly went to the side of the road to eat! "street kid working" on busy Delmas road same boy "resting" right on the center divider of Delmas...quite common...

Thanks to all of you who are helping us to be here.

Serving Christ in Haiti,
Denise & family

…a couple of weeks ago! Here actual Birthday was during the Carnival week here in Haiti. There was no school that week for QCS students. She celebrated in her class with cupcakes the week before. Then for her Birthday, she had a friend spend the night & we went swimming the next day. We were staying at another missionaries house off campus during this time. The family that let us stay in their house went to the states that week. It was nice to get away from the campus walls & the campus life for awhile!

Our beautiful Reagan is now 9 years old! Seems like I was pregnant with her just yesterday 🙂

Here are some pics of her celebrating…
Making cupcakes at our house for Reagans 3rd grade class Reagan serving her classmates Reagan sitting in front of her class while they asked her questions & sang her Happy Birthday :) Reagan eating her cupcake in class Reagan & her friend Katie making cupcakes to take to the pool Katie, Reagan, Kathina & Bethaina playing early in the morning Eating at the pool Trying to light the candles~it was a blustery day~ Looking at the check her Grandpa Mike sent her in the mail Reagan reading the card Grandpa Mike sent her Easton Chloe Katie T. & Reagan

Sean is currently at the airport trying to pick someone up…but it is pouring rain & has been for the last 2 hours. He is with our friend Kim picking up her friend who flew in from Texas. They just called & said that water was everywhere. Like one and a half feet deep just flooding right at the airport.

If you have been to the PAP airport, you know that you must walk a ways outside coming off a plane to get to the terminal. So right now, they have “heard” that the people on the plane are not being allowed to get off yet! So they wait… Chloe & Kathina are with them. I know Kathina took our battery free, wind up flashlight & Kim had an umbrella…

Even just going to the airport real quick to pick someone up is always an adventure here!

In fact after being here for a year and a half now, I think it is finally sinking in that nothing here is done “real quick”…

Poor friend on the plane. His plane was delayed as well because in Florida they were boarded & on the run way when they were informed they had to go back & deplane…wait 2 hours & then board again. Traveling is not for the faint of heart.

I hope his bags make it! I also hope he has a wonderful experience while here. Anyone else want to come?!? 🙂 It would be a trip you would never forget…that we can guarantee!

Ok, it is now 9:02 pm as I post this, Sean just called again & they are on their way driving home… without Kim’s friend. It is believed that the plane did not land & had to turn around & go back to Miami. Of course many different stories were confirmed while they waited and no one will know for sure until we hear from the actual passengers.

(You have to wait outside, or in their case tonight, probably the car and no one picking up is allowed in the PAP airport at all. You can only get in if you have a ticket along with the proper documents & are flying out).

They said they are driving home now dodging all kinds of debris in the roads from the flooding rains….and here that could mean much and ANY kind of debris!

Well we are back from our adventure… WOW. Water rushing down a road we drove on… LOTS of water…. Various floating objects all over….

The plane was ultimately turned around back to Miami due to the weather. The people coming in are now on a flight at 7:00 am tomorrow. On our way back we saw so much debris…. rocks of various sizes all over the roads, washouts and ruts… I have never seen so much water…. It literally felt like driving though a flood!! Another adventure in Haiti!!