We helped do another service project with the Heaths & a group of QCS High School students. We traveled up the mountain past Kenscoff where the children are now living. They moved again for the 3rd time since we have known them. It seems things are very complicated with the rent situation & funds (or lack of) that these orphans have.

We were disappointed & heart broken with the “new” house & the way the kids are still having to live. This was & always is hard to understand & process. These poor kids… living everyday amongst the dirt, dampness and lack of resources in & around the house…no running water or water available even near the property…which leads to very dirty clothes on the children & a lot more work because now they are way up a steep hill & it is very difficult for the woman who cares for the children to get water up there. No stove, no toilet, no electricity, no gas. They cook with charcoal on a small make shift stove/grill.

On a positive note, the children continue to get physically healthier!!! They have all gained weight!

The simplicity of being able to provide these kids with worming meds about 9 weeks ago has done wonderful things for their little bodies.

We are so pleased and thank those who have donated for these kids…whether a ball, toys, clothes, funds or prayers, we thank you again. We praise God for this! They have had other meds too that we were able to help provide. Although they are dirty & still don’t have much, they are not physically looking as much like they are literally at deaths door.

Praise God.

There are thousands of kids here like this but we personally can’t help them all. We do believe that God directed us to these kids. We continue to keep them in our hearts as the Lord guides us & do whatever we can with whatever we do have to improve their lives.

And it is helping!

We have to pace ourselves though & remind ourselves that where they are at now~ physically, geographically & emotionally, is not what or where we personally would want them to be BUT that God works His perfect plans in His perfect timing & for His perfect reasons.

We hope & pray that someday, these kids will have even more. That someday, God will open more doors & opportunities for us, them, you & whoever else He has in mind to help with His plans in this.

It is soooo hard & frustrating not being able to do more. We have so many ideas & wishes for these particular kids but are reminded to wait on God since we do not have the means to provide what our dreams for them would be. What’s even more frustrating is that our dreams for them aren’t even very “big”…little things like a permanent stable house with better beds & more room for each child. Better schooling, better daily education on ways to live & improve their own lives, more funds or food so they could have 2 meals a day instead of one. This is an example of some of the realities we have been learning. “We” want more for these kids. “We” have plans & dreams for them but God is putting us in their lives slowly, making changes slowly, changing hearts slowly….although not enough in our eyes, these kids have more than they used to. They have us, our church & many of you praying for them. They have the love of Jesus visiting them. Checking on them. Talking, listening & playing with them. We love them. They have hope. They are not completely lost. They are amazing children.

The older kids below in the pictures are the QCS High School students. They are growing to love these kids as well. This time, the students were asked to help bring donations of food, Valentines, crafts &/or candy along with their own hearts, energy & time as they signed up for this Valentines Day service project.

I know last year some of these “well off” QCS Haitian students didn’t even know that orphans really existed around here. They never had to think about it or witness the reality of the Haitian orphans that suffer due to the way things are in Haiti.

As we work with Quisqueya Christian School on a daily basis, we continue to realize & witness what an incredible blessing Quisqueya Christian School is to Haiti both for today & for the future of Haiti.

QCS & all that it is, is an amazing ministry!! We are so grateful that God’s plans planted us here at QCS for His mission work.

We are blessed to be able to share these pictures with you~ The day went well. We are very proud of the QCS students that served on Valentines day. Their conduct, manners & hearts were priceless. They experienced & learned much. We are also very proud of our children who continue to grow, experience & learn from living here. We even had one of the back truck (aka~ the cage car) tires blowout on our way home. Not unusual here on these broken roads of Haiti. Overall, it was a precious day & definitely time well spent~

Click on this link to view pictures of the visit:
Kenscoff Valentine’s Day visit

Serving Christ in Haiti,
Denise and family