You bet! Several missionary families are getting together (& more are welcome) for some baseball twice a month at a church called Quisqueya Chapel (not to be confused with Quesqueya Christian Schools’ Chapel). This is the place that has swings & some park like equipment on a beautiful piece of property. This past Saturday was the start for this year. It was a fun time, not only for the kids but for the adults too!

It was great to see the kids play and great for the families to be apart from their “mission duties” & have a long morning of good, clean fellowship & fun. A much needed distraction and change of pace for many of us around here. The kids did awesome & played hard! It was a great game!

We didn’t have to worry this time about the cows & bull that are on the property, they were tied up by their horns & could just roam in one small area…we personally have had a little encounter with them in the past when we were on the swings…cept they were younger & a little smaller then…phew…

It was a blessed day. We look forward to the next time we get together to play!

Although it is “winter time” here & the temps are not in the high 90’s & 100’s, it is the “dry” season. We haven’t had a good rain in many weeks; the grounds down here in Port au Prince are dry, dusty, hard & rocky everywhere you go…normal for this time of year…but the temps are much cooler… very tolerable & actually very pleasant.

Easton hits a home run, Parker L. running into home Banning catching at first, Easton running home batting team Joey Come on Easton! Joseph T. batter up! Easton pitching Banning running a home run! Banning running into home Joseph T. & Parker L. & Elijah M. Banning pitching! Saturdays players End of game prayer & thanks