Wow we can’t believe its been 2 weeks since we last posted! Time has just been flying here. We wanted to bring you all up to date and let you know what God has been doing here in and around us.

First off Denise, Banning, and Reagan are finally on the mend. We think it was a bad virus and that in turn weakened their immune system and some Dengue symptoms surfaced. Think about the soles of your feet and palms of your hands itching so badly that you consider extreme measures to stop the itching. Thankfully they are now feeling much better and it looks like the virus is going through the elementary grades. We are so thankful that our family is starting to feel normal again.

Soccer is in full swing with me coaching the middle school girls and Denny Day coaching the high school girls. We have been trying to get some games scheduled with other schools and hopefully we can play other teams. I am so blessed to be a part of coaching since there are few opportunities for girls sports here in Haiti.

Finally the Super Bowl….
Yes we did get to watch it and what a game it was. We had over 20 people crammed into our humble abode and we had a great time. The food was outstanding and the friendship even better. Of course we have a story to tell about the game. We used a projector to watch the game on a sheet in the living room with a bunch of chairs all around. The school generator goes off at 6pm eastern right about the same time the game started. No problem right? Well it wasn’t for a while. Turns out that projectors use a lot of electricity…. So about 7 minutes left in the game the projector goes out…… Oh no!!! Well I thought it was the bulb so I replace the bulb and nothing…. Well we still have sound so not all is lost….. Um not in Haiti… 2 minutes later all of our house lights start flashing and the sound goes out!! Well that is the indicator that we have run out of battery power! So all of us go across the street to the apartments where some teachers live. We split up into to groups and finish watching the game! Turns out we only missed a punt! We all took it in stride and no matter what the situation, all of us had a great time!

Here are some pics from setting up the screen/sheet!? We also borrowed chairs, a Haitian style sofa & 2 sofa chairs from our downstairs neighbors along with what furniture we have to accommodate seating for everyone. We didn’t get a pic of everyone settled & watching the game (darn it), or a pic of all the great food we had from everyone pitching in with that but we did get some pics of Reagan & Bannings welcoming artwork up our stairs & a few of some of the lil kiddos that were part of it all…

Reagan, Banning & Kathinas work Banning & Reagan Bethaina & Keziah eating Kathina & Keziah with "LT" looking on...