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The QCS High school & Middle school girls have been anxiously waiting for soccer to begin this year! This week we had our first day of try outs & we began the season for these talented girls. The turnout was huge… more than 40 girls total, all ready to hit the grass running! Denny Day and I are excited about coaching. Denny will be coaching the high schoolers while I coach the middle schoolers. We hope to schedule games with the local Haitian schools. There are several girls only schools that we hope to play against this year. Last year we didn’t find any teams to play so the girls played the moms/women who are parents and staff. We hope and pray that we can get some opponents!

Here are the middle schoolers…
Middle schoolers QCS Middle School girls soccer

And the high schoolers…

QCS High School girls soccer try outs QCS High School girls soccer try out

Here are a few pictures of Kathina taking a few shots on goal!!

Kathina wanting to join! It's a goal!!  Go kathina!!


Not sure if we’ve posted any of these before or not but when we don’t have time to write more, we’ll try to post some random pics so you can get a little glimpse of Haiti from our family…

Answered Prayers Orphanage Kathina helping an orphan play at Answered Prayers ~Kenscoff girl Denise with lil girl from Gonaives floooding One of the many UN cars & trucks...

First we want to wish all of you a very happy New Year and hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season.

We’re starting our new year off with the typical events, drama & happenings that any family of 8 or so might experience 🙂

Bug experts… Haiti experts…what do you know…

Ok, Reagan found this & was very excited as she thought or thinks it is a cocoon or chrysalis…quite a find for an 8 yr. old who loves catching & watching caterpillars hatch into moths or butterflies!

But this thing is huge, much larger than any cocoon we have raised, found or seen, plus it moves!! We thought it may be ready to hatch at any minute but she found it several days ago & it still has not hatched…

Now we’re starting to panic & ridiculously ponder if Cockroaches lay eggs or these things, or if it might be something else really creepy…ewww…like a huge spider, monstrous slug, creepy centipede, over sized nasty earthworm… please let us know before we get ourselves into any more trouble! We have enough unwanted critters around our house 🙂


Now it's starting to creep us out... innocent fun?!? This pic does not do this thing justice, it really has a unique & beautiful design!

Here… watch this, it is very weird:

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