Later in the afternoon on Christmas day we went to deliver some donations we received & presents we bought for a Haitian family we know. They live in a cement “house” that is not fully roofed, has a dirt & rocky floor; there are 4 children & 3 adults that live here. They sleep, eat & hang out inside the part of their house that is “somewhatly” roofed… about a 10 by 15 foot area…all their belongings & what they have are there.

We were blessed to be a part of their Christmas day, blessed to be here in Haiti & blessed to even know this particular family. They are honest & hard working, very kind to our children & very humble. We also took them chicken, rice & beans & hard boiled eggs…Susan B & family, we did receive your box of stuffed animals & you will see some of them here for this family!!! Thank you so much!!

To get to their “house” you must walk down thru a mini ravine which is cluttered with trash, wandering animals (goats, chickens, pigs, rats), sharp debris & who knows what else. Then you walk back up a short but steep slippery slope & there sits their “house”. You must step up into their house…although their are no steps. So we hoisted each other up. I hit & bruised my knee so hard on a cement block as I went up, plus I was carrying stuff. I couldn’t imagine doing that all the time, many times a day, just to get to your own house. There was no toilet, no running water, no kitchen; although they did have an area where they cook with charcoal. They are working on wiring to have some electricity when the EDH (city power) is on but do not have that in place at this time. They had 2 twin beds in that main area as well. No table at all, but 2 very worn & tattered hard chairs that sat right outside the “main house” area, no other furniture or belongings besides clothes which you can see in some of the pics that hang above one of the beds that they are sitting on to open their presents.

…I forgot to mention…that they are very thankful to have a “house” of their own to call home…

Sometimes we feel very cramped in our “small” apartment that we currently live in on the QCS campus. The water pressure is low (sometimes not more than a trickle), often no hot water at all, the toilets & plumbing are not the best & often stink, hardly enough storage or pantry space, we can’t use all of our lights all the time or else we will drain our batteries & then our fridge will get warm, our fans won’t work & we won’t have any electricity until EDH comes on, when we’re tired, we also complain about the constant noise, as we are right next to a main street & also have a Haitian preacher right across from us that yells, screams & hollers at the top of his lungs with a mega phone 4 nights a week & sometimes we complain about the furniture which is rather worn & uncomfortable by our standards.

In the states our beautiful & very comfortable country home was 3000 sq. feet. Our nearest neighbor to the west of us was 10 acres away & to the north of us was 25 acres away & to the east of us was at least half a mile away…& to the south of us was beautiful, clean & protected BLM land…needless to say…we were used to complete quietness at all times when we were home. Here it is the complete opposite.

Anyways, knowing & seeing again how this family lives (& they have never asked us for anything, even when we have asked them what they need), was so humbling. My goodness…We came home to our apartment thinking it was a mansion full of luxurious amenities!

These are the toys that Susan B. & her family sent. The box was actually “lost” in customs for some time but then we finally got it on Christmas day of all days!?!?!

Going thru the stuffed animals that Susan B. & fam sent Reagan found her favs that she thought a little girl would love...

Here are the pics from Christmas day at the house of the family we help:

The older boy is the son of the adult brother that lives here with his 2 adult sisters & they each have a daughter. The extra 4th kid that lives there is just that. Extra~had no one else willing or possibly able to care for him.

Sean coming up from the little ravine Blesh kids at work Banning entering their "house" Denise entering the "main" part of the house that is roofed Clonise & her daughter~ Julise & her sister & her daughter Loudne Julise opening a gift...she loved it!!! The family with some of their gifts... Julise with a new yellow slinky Looking down & out from their house Reagan helping Kathina "out" of the house The wall up to their house...see the baby pig? The family's house~the 2 extra lil kids U see are neighbor kids

Clonise & her daughter Julise had Thanksgiving dinner with us at our house & Julise & Loudne sometimes come to our house to hang out & play…

In His hands,
Denise & fam serving in Haiti