A little late~ but we wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas from our blog. We hope you all had a very blessed & special Christmas day with your families, friends & loved ones. We enjoyed our first Christmas here in Haiti…a little different without snow during this time but the weather was beautiful & we were not complaining 🙂 We missed our family & friends in the states but thanks to technology & specifically, Skype…we’re staying connected as best as we can!

Christmas Eve Haiti 2008 Dec 24 Haiti~Karibe 2008

A little recap on what has been happening & pics since it has been so long since our last post. Denise & Banning had Dengue Fever again. (About the same time last year we had it…all of us but Chloe.) They were quite sick for at least 10 days & then slowly regained some physical normalcy after that. It is not a fun thing to go through. It was a little easier this time around since we knew what to expect & which ways worked best to try to ease the pain & symptoms… And now we are all currently blessed with healthy bodies & no bugs bugging us.

Once Denise & Banning were on the mend, we got to enjoy some local holiday festivities. We went to a Concert de Noel at a beautiful Catholic Church in Petionville & enjoyed it:

St. Pierre Catholic Church~Christmas Concert Our friend Pam Deyoung & Reagan Sean, Denise & Bethaina Easton, Banning & Chloe~Christmas Concert~ Haiti 08 Choir

While Denise & Banning were sick & Christmas wasn’t anywhere near or on their minds…the rest of the family was excited & anxious to start celebrating the season. We did not have any of our traditional Christmas stuff here in Haiti since we were “only going to be here for one year” last year…fortunately our stuff is still back in storage in Idaho but that wasn’t going to do us any good here…So some of our very good friends & fellow missionaries that teach here at QCS surprised our family with Christmas stuff!! They came over, played Christmas music (traditional American Christmas music!!) & brought with them all kinds of awesome Christmas decorations, lights, ornaments & a tree! Plus stockings for each one of us that they had personally decorated themselves & put our names on each one & they were each filled with goodies inside! It really lifted our spirits & we felt so loved & blessed 🙂

Heather DePooter & Bethaina getting started on the tree! Kim~enough said Art McMahon with Bethaina & Kathina aka B & K Reagan, Art, K & our cat, LT Pam & Chloe putting up lights! Bethaina & Kathina~their first American style Christmas! Chloe & Kimmers LT

Since we’re on Christmas break, we treated our kids & ourselves to a day of swimming & good food at a place called Karibe up in Petionville~we had a blast!

Reagan, B & K at Karibe Lunch~such a treat! Blesh kids Swimming~ Karibe Reagan & Banning~Karibe

Pics along the way to Karibe:

Women selling fruit

Christmas Eve & Christmas day in Haiti for the Blesh family:

Christmas Eve 2008 Haiti K & B early Christmas morning! Checking out their stockings! Kathina Denise, Banning & kathina Blesh kids with their new scooters...Santa brought these all the way from the states (thanks Rod & Brittany)...I mean the North Pole...well you know...

We very much enjoyed celebrating the birth & gift of Jesus Christ!!!