We have so much to be thankful for! We also had a wonderful Thanksgiving day here at our house. We even got to roast a turkey…which was brought in from the states! We actually found many of the ingredients we needed to make some traditional recipes from my family’s side. Grandma, if you read this, I made your traditional Lemon Ricotta cake recipe, your frozen cranberry dish & your dilled cucumber dish…they were delicious & gave us a taste of home 🙂 We were so excited to be able to enjoy these foods in Haiti! We also ate the frozen cranberry dish in honor of Sean’s late Grandmother as she too, made that dish for Thanksgiving. I’m not quite talented enough Grandma without your help to make the 100+ hand made Raviolis that you always make for Thanksgiving & Christmas. Maybe some day…. I’d sure like to try!

We enjoyed the usual mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, chocolate cake, cheese cake, etc. It was a treat! God truly multiplied our food as we did not have enough or plan on the 16 people that we ended up having altogether…but during it all & in the end…we did have more than plenty, plus left overs!! It was really nice & we enjoyed our guests so much. We are thankful that they came as we really felt blessed by them & although we missed our families in the states, we didn’t feel homesick or out of place at all. Our kids had a great time with Art McMahon & Eli Graham whom so boldly chose to sit at “their” end of the table… as those two are so likable & extremely entertaining!

We got to call our parents as well, & actually had a decent connection…it was wonderful to hear their voices & connect in that way. Mom, we didn’t get to talk to you as you are in Mexico but we left you a message on your voicemail at home.

We hope all of you had a blessed day & experienced awe, as we did, as you thought about & counted all of the daily blessings that are in your particular lives.

Here are some pics of the QCS Kindergarten & Pre K classes. They had a Thanksgiving feast & performance! It was great & so cute! (Bethaina is in Pre K & was dressed as a Pilgrim~she is the Pilgrim in the second pic on the far left that is wearing white socks & dark pink shoes):

QCS Kindergarten class The Pilgrims are the Pre K class

Pics from our Thanksgiving:

Reagan & Bethaina setting the tables Everyone under the age of 21 Fellow missionaries & friends~Tim Heath, Jeff Graham, Jean Graham & Carol Heath Most of us...