I got to tag along with Kim Hargrove & Miquette D. (our QCS school nurse) to visit the General Hospital in PAP. Many of the children from the (now first) school that collapsed were taken there.

We were able to take in lollipops, crackers, cookies, stuffed animals & several cases of bottled water (which Kim so generously bought).

We are glad we went & it was nice to be able to get the kids to smile but the situation is so devastating. Many of the parents had multiple children in the school & they told us things like: one died & is home with Jesus, one came to the hospital & one got to go to our home…2 died & one made it & is here etc. Sons, daughters, siblings, friends. It was heartbreaking. Also at this hospital, NOTHING is supplied. Nothing. Any sheet, blanket or towel, food or water has to be brought in by family. You even have to buy any medicine, supplies or fluids.

Some of them had not even had an xray yet & you could tell that they were in huge need of one. The pics of kids below were the less wounded ones.

If you can believe it, some of the Haitian hospital guards that escorted us in actually took from our bags, (as they offered to help carry things), to keep a few of the stuffed animals for themselves (or maybe their own kids) but we said that they were for the hurt children from the school, they still were reluctant to give them back! I don’t think we got all of them back…but the ones we did get to the kids, the kids loved (thank you Shelley Clay!).

Miquette took the names of all of the victims we met & got their families info, addresses & phone numbers if they had them. We are going to make sure that they personally get the funds or even purchase the meds for them if people want to donate anything. If any of you guys…our supporters, readers or family members want to donate any funds to any of these families, we will make sure that they get them, or we’ll use them to buy whatever the family needs for their child’s recovery.

Many of the families did not want their pics taken (which obviously, we completely understood…both culturally & circumstantially) but here are a few that didn’t mind. Keep praying please. There are so many people that died in this tragedy. Many, many families are left mourning.

Thank you for your continued prayers & encouragement. We are mindful that we could not be here without your support, prayers & help. We are also mindful of the fact that God can take anyone home at any moment; only He knows the exact time & way. Do you know where you will go when your life on this earth is complete? Our hope & prayers are that each one of you personally knows or finds our Lord & savior Jesus Christ. He can show you the way. May you walk in His ways…Amen.

sdc10820 Miquette sdc10811 2nd room we visited Danilove~she is so sweet~ Denise, Danilove & her Mom sdc108061