The last thing Haiti needs is more tragedy. A school up the hill from us has collapsed with many students inside. We are fine, but the situation is terrible. Reports vary as far as the details.

This is from one report:

A terrible accident has happened at Nerrette – which is a district in
Petion-Ville – for those who know PV, it’s as you come down from the
old market in PVille, down Pan Americaine – after the 1st gas station
(on the right) where motorbike taxis hang out (inside this area). The
school it seems has 2 floors and they were working on a 3rd floor and
the whole building made of cement blocks – 3 floors collapsed when the
kids were in school!! It’s horrific – they have no idea how many
children have died or are injured but they said there are many many
dead and many many injured. They have not yet been able to rescue them

The fire brigade haven’t turned up and possibly it may not help either
– cos it appears it’s in a very busy poor area, therefore access is
really limited to vehicles. A PV Senator is asking for help from
everyone – ambulances, doctors to help at the hospitals, Red Cross are
asking for blood to be given and any vehicles to help transport the
bodies of both the living and the dead to the hospitals.

It’s a real disaster – something Haiti doesn’t need. It’s terrible.
It’s at the College Promesse Evangile in Nerrette.

Jacqui Labrom

Here are some pictures…
Haiti collapse 1 Haiti collapse 2