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We have so much to be thankful for! We also had a wonderful Thanksgiving day here at our house. We even got to roast a turkey…which was brought in from the states! We actually found many of the ingredients we needed to make some traditional recipes from my family’s side. Grandma, if you read this, I made your traditional Lemon Ricotta cake recipe, your frozen cranberry dish & your dilled cucumber dish…they were delicious & gave us a taste of home πŸ™‚ We were so excited to be able to enjoy these foods in Haiti! We also ate the frozen cranberry dish in honor of Sean’s late Grandmother as she too, made that dish for Thanksgiving. I’m not quite talented enough Grandma without your help to make the 100+ hand made Raviolis that you always make for Thanksgiving & Christmas. Maybe some day…. I’d sure like to try!

We enjoyed the usual mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, chocolate cake, cheese cake, etc. It was a treat! God truly multiplied our food as we did not have enough or plan on the 16 people that we ended up having altogether…but during it all & in the end…we did have more than plenty, plus left overs!! It was really nice & we enjoyed our guests so much. We are thankful that they came as we really felt blessed by them & although we missed our families in the states, we didn’t feel homesick or out of place at all. Our kids had a great time with Art McMahon & Eli Graham whom so boldly chose to sit at “their” end of the table… as those two are so likable & extremely entertaining!

We got to call our parents as well, & actually had a decent connection…it was wonderful to hear their voices & connect in that way. Mom, we didn’t get to talk to you as you are in Mexico but we left you a message on your voicemail at home.

We hope all of you had a blessed day & experienced awe, as we did, as you thought about & counted all of the daily blessings that are in your particular lives.

Here are some pics of the QCS Kindergarten & Pre K classes. They had a Thanksgiving feast & performance! It was great & so cute! (Bethaina is in Pre K & was dressed as a Pilgrim~she is the Pilgrim in the second pic on the far left that is wearing white socks & dark pink shoes):

QCS Kindergarten class The Pilgrims are the Pre K class

Pics from our Thanksgiving:

Reagan & Bethaina setting the tables Everyone under the age of 21 Fellow missionaries & friends~Tim Heath, Jeff Graham, Jean Graham & Carol Heath Most of us...


Quisqueya Christian School continues to move through the school year with great strides! Aside from the exceptional academic learning that is taking place, their have been many extra curricular events that have occurred…

The new QCS Basketball court is being put to impressive use as the basketball season begins. QCS will host JV & Varsity games every Friday & Saturday…with today being the first game of many!

Also, Teen Read Week, always an admirable affair; Dr. Bruce Lockerbie, an exceptional speaker came to Haiti to lead a workshop for QCS staff, parents & board members; an all day soccer tournament for 1st thru 6th graders, along with Hotdogs, desserts, slushies & other goodies for sale (such a treat here in Haiti!!)… a memorable undertaking put on by the QCS 10th grade high school students. Although hot, it was an enjoyable day for all!

In celebration of Thanksgiving, the National Honor Society at QCS is collecting non-perishable food items from each class, Pre-K through 12th.

Jamie Cartright, mezzo-soprano and music teacher at Quisqueya Christian School will be performing her recital this Saturday of well-known opera arias. Sean & I are looking forward to “dressing up & kidlessly” attending that together with Kim H. & the Heaths.

QCS students continue to join us for their community service hours to the Kenscoff Orphanage. Needs are being met, relationships are being made, aspirations are being discovered, understanding & compassion are taking place…all during a days service project…it’s inspiring & hopeful.

QCS 3rd Graders that showed up to play in the soccer tournament Reagan & Victoria ~ the only 2 girls that played on their team that day Reagan playing goalie

The QCS soccer field has new lights for night time playing:
1st night testing the new field lights They work!!

I subbed for 2nd grade last week & enjoyed the students & their energy!
QCS 2nd Grade class QCS 2nd graders modeling their "individual designer glasses"

Today is Kims special day! The lord has so blessed our family by having Kim in our lives! She’s a very special friend to our entire family. We love her & appreciate her, she makes our days so much brighter!!

Happy Birthday Kim!!! Thanks for being so good to us! Haiti would not be the same without you here to inspire us all πŸ™‚ You are awesome! We love you!!

Kim & Gonaives orphan Chloe, Kim & Reagan hiking Banning & Kim Chloe & Kim Can you believe the size of these?!?! Birthday girl! Kim sporting Reagans mask Kim & Kathina Chloe & Kim Banning & his IronMan lego guys )

Click here for a news report

I got to tag along with Kim Hargrove & Miquette D. (our QCS school nurse) to visit the General Hospital in PAP. Many of the children from the (now first) school that collapsed were taken there.

We were able to take in lollipops, crackers, cookies, stuffed animals & several cases of bottled water (which Kim so generously bought).

We are glad we went & it was nice to be able to get the kids to smile but the situation is so devastating. Many of the parents had multiple children in the school & they told us things like: one died & is home with Jesus, one came to the hospital & one got to go to our home…2 died & one made it & is here etc. Sons, daughters, siblings, friends. It was heartbreaking. Also at this hospital, NOTHING is supplied. Nothing. Any sheet, blanket or towel, food or water has to be brought in by family. You even have to buy any medicine, supplies or fluids.

Some of them had not even had an xray yet & you could tell that they were in huge need of one. The pics of kids below were the less wounded ones.

If you can believe it, some of the Haitian hospital guards that escorted us in actually took from our bags, (as they offered to help carry things), to keep a few of the stuffed animals for themselves (or maybe their own kids) but we said that they were for the hurt children from the school, they still were reluctant to give them back! I don’t think we got all of them back…but the ones we did get to the kids, the kids loved (thank you Shelley Clay!).

Miquette took the names of all of the victims we met & got their families info, addresses & phone numbers if they had them. We are going to make sure that they personally get the funds or even purchase the meds for them if people want to donate anything. If any of you guys…our supporters, readers or family members want to donate any funds to any of these families, we will make sure that they get them, or we’ll use them to buy whatever the family needs for their child’s recovery.

Many of the families did not want their pics taken (which obviously, we completely understood…both culturally & circumstantially) but here are a few that didn’t mind. Keep praying please. There are so many people that died in this tragedy. Many, many families are left mourning.

Thank you for your continued prayers & encouragement. We are mindful that we could not be here without your support, prayers & help. We are also mindful of the fact that God can take anyone home at any moment; only He knows the exact time & way. Do you know where you will go when your life on this earth is complete? Our hope & prayers are that each one of you personally knows or finds our Lord & savior Jesus Christ. He can show you the way. May you walk in His ways…Amen.

sdc10820 Miquette sdc10811 2nd room we visited Danilove~she is so sweet~ Denise, Danilove & her Mom sdc108061

The last thing Haiti needs is more tragedy. A school up the hill from us has collapsed with many students inside. We are fine, but the situation is terrible. Reports vary as far as the details.

This is from one report:

A terrible accident has happened at Nerrette – which is a district in
Petion-Ville – for those who know PV, it’s as you come down from the
old market in PVille, down Pan Americaine – after the 1st gas station
(on the right) where motorbike taxis hang out (inside this area). The
school it seems has 2 floors and they were working on a 3rd floor and
the whole building made of cement blocks – 3 floors collapsed when the
kids were in school!! It’s horrific – they have no idea how many
children have died or are injured but they said there are many many
dead and many many injured. They have not yet been able to rescue them

The fire brigade haven’t turned up and possibly it may not help either
– cos it appears it’s in a very busy poor area, therefore access is
really limited to vehicles. A PV Senator is asking for help from
everyone – ambulances, doctors to help at the hospitals, Red Cross are
asking for blood to be given and any vehicles to help transport the
bodies of both the living and the dead to the hospitals.

It’s a real disaster – something Haiti doesn’t need. It’s terrible.
It’s at the College Promesse Evangile in Nerrette.

Jacqui Labrom

Here are some pictures…
Haiti collapse 1 Haiti collapse 2

On to other news. We have been so touched lately by the Kenscoff orphans. God has laid them heavy on our hearts. We continue to pray for them & for Gods wisdom & direction on how to continue to help them. They live on a level of poverty & starvation that no child should have to face. Many, many countries around the world have this same problem but as we stay focused on the Lord & His plans, we stay focused on what we can do for these particular children. Please be in prayer with us as we seek to follow Gods will on what He might have us & others learn & do for this orphanage; That He will continue to open the doors that He wants us to walk through. We have been praying & doing what we can. We have recently teamed up with Tim and Carol Heath (our downstairs neighbors) to try to support this orphanage more. There is so much need with these kids. The Lord has really burdened us to do anything we can to improve their lives.

We praise God as we are happy to tell you that 8 QCS students went with us, (and some other QCS staff…the Heaths & Pam DeYoung), to help these children for part of their required QCS community service hours!! Some of these QCS students had never experienced something like this trip before. It was amazing and humbling to watch these young youth have compassion for the orphans. They played with them, took their pictures (which the orphans just love) helped feed them peanut butter on bread, carried food & supplies in for them and just got to know them a little.

The message those orphans hopefully got??? Hope. Someone does care. They got to laugh & play amidst their devastating circumstances. Their hunger pains subsided as they thankfully ate food to nourish their weak & starving bodies. We actually witnessed this as we watched them eat, laugh & play. It was amazing to be a part of, as it always is when we go up there.

We were so excited about the way the QCS students took it all in! They were amazing as well. We were blessed to be able to be a part of this day. We believe the students were blessed by what they were able to participate in. They experienced compassion in a way they said they had never experienced before. Praise God. He is so good!

We are also so grateful for the students and their willingness to participate in the community. Most of them are children of upper class Haitian families. They are the ones that are prime victims of kidnappings here in Haiti. They live with this fear on a daily basis wherever they go. In fact, we are told, several QCS kids have experienced kidnappings within their families over the years. It is part of life here for them & their parents. Even though they seem to β€œhave it all”, they too have to navigate the realities of Haiti. Of course we took part in taking care of all the precautions we could to ensure the safety of these students & ourselves.

We do know that when we visit the Kenscoff kids or any other orphans, we make a difference in their lives that particular day. That is important.

We also believe that we & the rest of the QCS staff are making a difference in the lives of the students & their families at QCS. It is in our hopes & prayers that these students might have a major positive impact on this country & for eternity.

QCS Student helping to interperet~she did a great job!

QCS Student helping to interperet~she did a great job!

QCS Student saying goodbye

QCS Student saying goodbye

QCS Student posing with Christy & Meriliene

QCS Student posing with Christy & Meriliene

QCS Students with Kenscoff children

QCS Students with Kenscoff children

Do any of you remember Kesline? Well, she finally got to go home!!!! To her adoptive home in the states!!

We are so happy for her & praise God for this. We will miss seeing her beautiful smile & hearing her contagious laugh. She was a blessing to our family. We enjoyed her company, her “spunkiness” & her friendship.

Kesline, this post is for you…as we said we would post these pics for you πŸ™‚ We love you & will miss you sooooooooooooooooooo much.

You are with your new family & onto following Gods wonderful path for you! May you always know our God & we know you will be a huge blessing & love to your new family.

Have fun in America with your wonderful family Kesline!

From, Sean, Denise, Chloe, Easton, Banning, Reagan, Bethaina & Kathina & all of your friends & brothers & sisters in the children homes at Mama Beths.

We love you beautiful girl!!!


Kesline taking a pic of she always does πŸ™‚

If anyone is interested in adopting from Haiti, please consider adopting from Heartline Ministries. This is a wonderful, one of a kind place for the children to stay until they get to go home to their adoptive families. Heartline Ministries link is on our blog.