Is it possible to make a difference in this country? Does this country want to change? Is there any hope at all for the thousands of vital needs that need to be met just in order for people to survive???

…….The Haitian people~ children, youth, adults & elderly, most of them uneducated, poverty stricken, hungry, sick, homeless, jobless… and Haiti as a country~ the extreme lack of resources, the extreme lack of infrastructure and the lack of a healthy government….

We’ve been questioned about things like this lately & have thought about it before on our own as well. Could we make more of a difference somewhere else? What about the people from our own country? What about a place where people and countries seem to want help??? We have prayed for Haiti & it’s people and we will continue to do so, as have millions of others. We will continue to pray for all the missionaries & other people that are here in Haiti to help make a difference.

To go to Haiti…what?!? Who in their right mind would do that?!? Why leave the wonderful life we had back home?? Family, friends, luxuries, comforts, 401Ks and jobs with good salaries.

I can tell you this…It is because of God. No question about it. There is no way (in my humble opinion) anyone sane would choose this type of work in this type of situation unless they know their one true God who is faithful, trustworthy & continually has been so in their lives.

In Gods word, the Bible, it never promises that life will be easy but it does promise many wonderful things as you walk with Him during this life. I look at it as having a taste of Heaven here on earth because I know the love & peace that I feel is real, in good times & in tough times. I know that God is real without a doubt. He has showed me personally over & over how faithful He is & that His plans are for the better. Even if I don’t understand them or agree with them at the time, even if the world tells me differently…even if my logical mind tells me otherwise…my heart & soul know the truth, I can feel the truth.

So, will we see the fruits of our labor here in Haiti? In this life? I don’t know. Maybe not. But that does not matter…Sean & I know that it was God at work in our lives to change us & lead us here.

It was about 12 years ago we asked Jesus into our hearts & He has been molding us, guiding us & preparing us for this ever since. Deep down, we have no doubts about this, yet we shamefully admit we do have brief periods of questioning it all, sometimes when various people & the world question us. We then are reminded that we are only human & can’t do this without Gods faithfulness. There is just no human way.

God is good. God is real. God gives hope and as crazy as it may seem to some, we love it here and feel so very blessed to be called to do this, to live this way, to raise our children in this way. We do think about our children and what is best for them. That is a given. From personally knowing Jesus, we know that being in His will is the very best for all of us. We have a peace & knowledge we have never known before we knew Him…Praise God for that…I can’t even begin to describe it in words. We will never stop learning and growing in Jesus Christ until Jesus calls us home. That doesn’t mean we won’t make mistakes or have any trials or struggle with our thoughts. The bible tells us that nothing we do in the name of Jesus is in vain. Our work & our efforts will not be useless and will not go unnoticed in the eyes of our Lord and Savior. Anything you do in the name of Jesus…anything…big or small will not be useless or go unnoticed by our Heavenly father either.

So I want to encourage you to seek God. To seek what God is asking of you. Learn about what the Bible says about all this. All the answers we need to life are there.

Their is no task too small or too insignificant in Gods eyes. So in the name of Jesus, smile an extra smile, listen with compassion, help with joy, be honored to do any work that is before you, pray in His name, be generous with your talents, gifts and resources. You don’t have to change the world but you sure can make a difference in someones life…somewhere… maybe right next door or maybe on the other side of the world.