Quisqueya has a new sport court! We also have new backboards and rims as well. The court was laid down and completed yesterday.
This court is much safer than cement and not as slippery. Quisqueya will host several tournaments and the school benefits from the court. Here are some pictures of the new court:

The court isn’t brand new. And you can see where there is paper taped on to each tile. These are numbered so they could be put back together. It was used last year at a place called Kayanu. They decided not to host the games so QCS volunteered. We also received new goals.

It was discussed last year to raise funds for a new court like this one and also to dedicate the court to Katie Broecker. I think the amount to raise was around $50,000 dollars. Now here we are with the court already laid. The goals already placed in the ground. All with no money for now. We will have to purchase the goals but the floor is being rented so to speak.

Is God at work? You bet he is.