Above the hills of Kenscoff, Haiti, 4,921 feet above sea level, lies the beautiful mountains of Belot.

There the earth is rich & moist, the grass is green & luxurious & beautiful pine trees surround the area. The majority of the year, the temperature is ideal, ranging between 60 to 75 degrees (which seemed cool, almost cold to us). Belot’s natural atmosphere & environment are breath-taking.

The QCS staff & their families had the opportunity to spend the weekend together in the mountains of Belot for their annual retreat.

The focus of the retreat by the speaker was on life together in unity as staff, as family & as family members in God’s family. The speaker was a pastor from Kentucky & it was his first time in Haiti…us adults had several different classes with him throughout the weekend to educate us, encourage us & to spiritually nourish us…he did a great job! The kids got to do all kinds of fun things while we had our sessions. Their was also a lot of family sports to play.

We had a great weekend & our kids were able to reconnect with some friends here…something they really needed, especially Banning & Chloe as they have really been missing their best friends in Idaho…

The coolness of the weather, the crisp air & fresh smell of the pine trees were simply rejuvenating. To be able to get away from the business & never ending noises of the city, the constant smell of diesel, the unforgiving heat & the ongoing needs of everything was even better.

We were in the clouds literally much of the time…you could see & feel the clouds/fog just blow in & over & through you…it was amazing.

We are so grateful we were able to attend the retreat…it was a wonderful blessing for all of us! Sean & I strongly felt the presence of God throughout the weekend. He used this experience to encourage us & guide us & remind us that this is His perfect plan for our lives & our family. That… in spite of all of our struggles, fears & questions that we are facing right now, He is the one we so desperately want to obey & it is in Him whom we put all of our trust.

Our struggles, fears, losses, personal health issues & family matters have seemed so confusing for all of us lately, but God is seeing us through, we feel stronger & more at peace this week. We feel focused once again. We feel His love & see His hand in our lives & in all that is happening both around us & within us.

For those of you who are praying for us & who are supporting us…we thank you. We are grateful & mindful of all that we have & all that we can do because of your prayers & support.

Chloe took most of these beautiful pics. Hope you enjoy them…