Yesterday QCS held their parent teacher conferences. It is good to talk with the parents regarding the progress of their children at QCS. It was also good to talk with the teachers of our own kids about their progress. Denise & I are so proud of all of our children! They all are doing an excellent job in school this year both academically & behaviorally. We’re thankful & praise God that they continue to adjust well to living in Haiti. We feel blessed that our children are having many positive experiences at QCS & that they are able to attain an excellent education while attending such a diverse international school. I can’t believe we are already half way through the first quarter!

While conferences were going on the food and clothing that was donated for the hurricane victims were being sorted through & organized on the picnic tables. I think there were at least 50 bags full of clothing and food items! These items are going to be distributed to those who were affected by the floods from the hurricanes.

Along the same lines the school is currently on a service project with 10 students. They went to a town called Cabaret which is north of Port au Prince about 30 minutes. This town was also wiped out and the QCS students are going to offer any assistance they can including manual labor (digging and clearing) as well as spiritual and emotional help. Please continue to pray for these people. We continue to get rain in the evenings and that is hampering cleanup efforts.

The refugees from Gonaives that are staying next door to QCS are doing well & continue to come & play on the QCS campus. QCS & it’s students, families & staff are such a blessing to this area of Haiti. We are thankful to be a part of this awesome ministry.