Well it looks like Ike is going to miss Haiti. Of course we will keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t make a hard left turn like Hanna did. We do have some rain & had some wind earlier today but not nearly as much as the northern cities.

Now on to our other news. We have had a first hand account of refugees from the floods in Gonaives.

On Monday Sept. 1, the water started rising at an orphanage in Gonaives. The guards alerted all the people inside the orphanage and they retreated to the roof. We are told it all happened suddenly & that the water came & rose very fast. 2 caregivers and 18 children got on the roof to avoid being swept away & then to wait out the storm. Apparently they had some food for 2 days then ran out.

They were rescued from the roof on Thursday by an NGO (Non Government Organization) called Food for the Poor. They were lowered down by a rope onto a boat and were then loaded onto a 4 x 4 jeep and transported by a pastor to Port au Prince. On Friday they came to the QCS campus and they had a hot meal. They were wearing the clothes that they slept in on Monday.

They currently are staying at the pastor’s house very near the school. Saturday we went to see them to see how they were doing.

Considering the horrible emotional toll they have endured they seemed relatively healthy & in good spirits. 2 of the children have TB so we are looking into medicine for them. The folks that came from Gonaives have told us that it is very very bad there. Please pray for those people. Please pray that neighbors will help neighbors & also that the Haitian government will help with the devastation of it’s people that were affected by these storms. Denise and I along with Steve and Ruth Hersey, Carol Heath, Kim Hargrove, and Art McMahon got together and went to the store to at least get these kids and the caregivers some essentials. Here are some pictures…

These pictures are from the first visit. These pictures below are from the visit today…