First of all, we are fine. Thank you for your prayers & encouraging words. The flooding has really hit other towns hard though, especially the town of Gonaives. Gonaives is about 70 miles north of Port au Prince where we are. Port au Prince is surrounded by mountains which creates a natural buffer for us; although we did see quite a bit of rain here along with dark skies & some mild to moderate winds. It rained 36 hours straight and then off and on for a full 6 or 7 days. QCS was closed for 2 of those days. We are very thankful for our safe & dry housing accommodations & all that we have. Here are a couple of QCS campus pictures during this time…

As for QCS we had a wet start but now we are starting to get into full swing. Students are getting lockers and books and getting settled. The campus is now a buzz of activity. Here is a picture of some QCS students playing 4 square earlier this week: (credit to Tony DeKoter)

QCS alumni has organized a food and clothing drive for the hurricane victims. Here is the flyer:

Through all of this God has been so good to us. We have been at peace during these storms and we know that only the Lord can give that sort of peace.

Please pray for all the people that are victims of these flooded areas; many lives, homes, resources, fields, livestock & roads have been lost. Please pray for all the missionaries & ministries that are here on God’s behalf. Seems like everyone & every ministry is taking on & planning extra help for the victims of these storms.

We have had a few dry days however, it looks like Hurricane Ike is headed our way. We will keep you posted.

Our children are listening to one of their CD’s & the song “Every Move I Make” is playing…I hear them singing along & I ponder & feel humbled by the lyric that says “Jesus, you’re the one that saved myself from me…”

Also, our hearts feel extra heavy today for those who do not personally know Jesus Christ & all that he offers.

Serving with you in Haiti,
The Blesh Family