On Saturday I took Chloe with me to an appointment we had. After that, we decided to stop by this “store” which is like the closest thing we have to a mini Walmart; we went to look for a shower organizer thing that you can hang up in the shower & put your shampoo & soap on…we found one but as we were looking around Chloe found some little notebooks & pencils for really cheap…the pencils were like 10 for .25 US & the notebooks were I think .15 each. She wanted to get them for the orphans we know up in the mountains…the ones that have so little of anything…

So we decided to put back the shower organizer & just keep our shampoo on the floor so we could buy some stuff for the orphans instead. She also picked out a pack of yellow balloons, little pencil sharpeners, a few toothbrushes & soap. She then found some mini chalk boards for .50 each…we got 6 & then some boxes of chalk for .35. She figured that the older kids could share these & reuse them. We had a good time & it was nice to even get out, & especially just the two of us. When we got home, she organized everything in a box & put it with our “to deliver” stuff.

Since hurricane Gustav, we have been particularly worried about the the Kenscoff/”mountain orphanage” (what our kids call it). We finally got a chance to go up to it on Sunday after church.

We took one of the new teachers (Carol Heath) with us & another friend & teacher Kim Hargrove~the one who first showed us this orphanage last year. Kim took individual pictures of each child & wrote down their names & ages. The rest of us handed out the clothes, food & toys to the children. We played with them & talked with them. We also got to meet with the “Haitian director” & were able to get more information & set up more future plans as far as helping more with this particular place. (We usually only have seen & met with the one Haitian woman that lives there & tries to care for the children with her very limited resources).

Needless to say, the trip was bittersweet. Every time we go there, it is still so hard to fathom. Seeing that extreme of poverty & it’s effects on the children is just overwhelming. The children are beautiful, sad, grateful & hungry. They’re eyes tell it all. Yet, being able to hug them & bring a bit of joy & nourishment to their day is immeasurable. We are so grateful we could visit them & show them Jesus’ love & compassion.

We are thankful for safety while we traveled there, for the donated funds we had enabling us to purchase food to take them: bread, crackers, eggs & peanut butter; & for the donated toys, clothes & toiletries that people gave us when we were in Idaho this summer. Thank you to those who support us so we can be here as we all work together for God’s glory.