We celebrated Kathina’s 3rd Birthday this past week!! When we told her it was her Birthday her eyes lit up & she smiled & said “Me big!?!?!”….

All day she kept saying “Mwe fe” (I’m going to or I will do) & then she would blow real hard (because she did not know or remember the Creole or English word for blow out…so she would get all excited & say:

“Mwe fe ffffffffffffffffffffffffff”…… like that is obviously the best part of any Birthday πŸ™‚

We are assuming that she has never celebrated any of her Birthday’s. They (Bethaina & Kathina) remember when we celebrated Easton & Banning’s in April & June…apparently Kathina’s most memorable part of those was the blowing out of the candles on the cake!

We are really enjoying their “Crenglish” phrases like…
“one for me, un por ou”,
“M’ vle candy please”,
“Ou come back?”,
“Me not cry en la gwo machine”

…sounds so cute πŸ™‚

Here she is on her 3rd Birthday…

Making Kathina\'s cake

Making Kathina's cake

Kathina stirring the batter

Kathina stirring the batter

Opening her presents! …which we did outside because we did not have any electricity in the house for several nights…

She is a special girl & it was a great day for her & for us πŸ™‚