We are in Florida right now & were supposed to be on the flight to Haiti. We are sitting in the airport & have been up since 4:30 this morning. We did not get on our plane because their is a luggage embargo for Haiti. What?!?! Only one checked bag per person now! We, as we have been learning this past year, carefully packed all we could at 50 lbs. per bag but for 2 bags per person…

…so we have 12 bags we were expecting to check in. We get to the airport early. We wait in line for an hour, not a super long line either, just a not moving forward at all line. The chaos from not being efficient or following the rules that we see in Haiti seemed to overflow in the lines & counters as we waited to check in our bags. But only in the lines for the Haiti flight. The section of lines to the south of us were for a flight to the Dominican Republic & things were quiet & moving along very efficiently & much more quickly. We found this interesting. We finally get to the counter, hand over our passports, get our 12 bags ready for hoisting them onto the scale & check them in… BUT then we are told about the embargo…that we can only take 1 checked bag per person into Haiti. We could have gotten on the plane with 6 of our bags…but what would have we done with the other 6 bags???? Thats 300 lbs of stuff & luggage that we would of had to leave behind in order to get on our flight today!

So now Sean is in line again rebooking for tomorrow. We will get another hotel & repack our stuff which is now extra stuff to ship it with Missionary Flights International. Which, once it all gets to Haiti & out of customs will cost us an additional $600. It costs us $2 per pound of anything that is shipped to us & then held in customs!

Thankfully, we heard & were warned about the recent box embargo…we usually use bins to ship & pack our extra stuff which counts as one of our 2 checked bags…it was a lot more difficult to pack different sizes of luggage & trying to weigh & make sure we get our 50 lbs in each one but not going over that weight…the totes/bins go much faster & easier as far as packing up…

With each piece of luggage right at 50 lbs. we made it all the way to Florida with our 12 bags checked in without any problems or having to pay more for extra weight…

Our kids are being awesome throughout all of this. We are all disappointed that we won’t be arriving in Haiti today. They were all up late last night in our hotel with excitement & eagerness to get “home”.

I think satan does not want us to return to Haiti. He won’t win this battle so easily though. We know in our hearts that God wants us there. We are tired, frustrated & have been on the go for over a month now but we are holding on to our faith, knowing that God is with us & that He will give us the strength & means to press on.

Thank you friends & family for your prayers & support, we appreciate them & look forward to continuing Gods work in Haiti.

***We will post more about our “first furlough”: our thoughts, the opportunities we experienced, the many blessings, the challenges, what we learned etc. after we get home & get settled…& get some rest & get on some sort of time schedule…our inner time clocks are all messed up & have been for the past 4 weeks… 🙂