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Hello all…. We are typing a quick post to let you all know what we are doing… We first flew to Ft. Lauderdale, then cross country flight to San Diego, Ca. From there we stayed several days with Denise’s Dad and had a great time. We then rented a minivan and drove from San Diego to Ketchum, Id. We stayed there only a couple days then went to Smiley Creek, Id. This is very near Stanley, Id. We spent a couple of very relaxing days in the Sawtooth mountains and then we drove back down to Ketchum for a night to prepare for the drive to Boise. Whew….. We will be in Boise (actually Meridian) Monday night. We are hoping to meet with all of our church during the week or so we are in town. We then drive back to San Diego, Ca and stay for the 4th of July and prepare to fly back to Ft. Lauderdale and then on to Haiti…

God has blessed us with safe travels and we have had a great time reconnecting with family we have missed so much & felt so far away from. We wish we could have visited Sean’s side of the family but unfortunately we only have so much time….

The kids have had a great time with their cousins Hayden and little Grace. We hope to see “Baby Jack” & lil cousin Emily when we drive back to Ca.

Being back in the states is so different. We’re loving the time we have spent with family, loving warm showers with water pressure, the awesome variety of delicious food, the conveniences, the endless options of activities to do or places to go; and one of the most odd but enjoyable things is just being able to go to a store & buy what you need!

Another thing; we have found ourselves being a bit chilled much of the time, although everyone else is running around in shorts & summer clothes 🙂

We do miss Haiti though. Two totally different lifestyles~Haiti vs. here…we are figuring out though, that our hearts are in both places.

Here are some pics of the first leg of our trip in California…