The QCS 2nd grade class went on a field trip to have some fun off campus. They had a great time! They planted 3 trees: 1 Canep tree & 2 Mango trees; grown from seeds. They played field day type games & races, had water balloon fun & got to have a picnic. Thanks Ms. Depooter…you did a great job this year with this very energetic & active class! I enjoyed working with you & your students… & what an exciting way to end their 2nd grade year in Haiti!

I’ll try to post a video clip we have of Reagan & her classmates in a race later so her little cousins in the states can see how “fast” she is…(the school generator is about to shut off)

Here is a bridge designed & constructed out of toothpicks by Chloe & classmate Naika. They made it for Science class: They were graded on structure & strength:

Chloe & Naikas bridge was the second strongest in the class!! Way to go girls!! The bridge built by classmates Shawn & Christian beat theirs by sustaining the weight of 500 more grams. Chloe & Naikas bridge held 3500 grams & the winning bridge held 4000 grams!!

Thanks Mr. Dekoter for this year; Chloe really enjoyed your 7th grade science class! You guys did a lot of fun and educational projects!! It was great to watch Chloe enjoy it all…

Denise & family