Another school year is coming to an end for Quisqueya Christian School!

Here is a statement from the QCS Newsletter that sums up the year quite accurately: “It has been an eventful year, full of learning, growing, celebrations, loss, political unrest, disappointment mixed with success. And through it all God has sustained us, giving us strength and courage to keep to the course.”

Here are only some of the year end events that have occurred at QCS that we captured on our camera to share with you: Enjoy!!

Yes, High School students that attend QCS do have a prom! The seniors this year are a great group of young adults!

High School can be an exciting yet challenging time for any teenager…these young adults have successfully accomplished their teenage years and High School years in Haiti of all places!!!

…a third world country…a place they most likely would not have chosen on their own but were either born here or are missionary kids along with their missionary parents who are serving here…

Remember their are no movie theaters, malls, stadiums, concerts, clubs or amusement parks here…not the typical types of “more common” recreation activities that teenagers in the states & other places around the world get to enjoy on a regular basis. (It’s not even smart/safe to be out & about at night here anyway; esp. for young white adults)…

But we find other ways to help these kids enjoy & experience their teenage years & these kids make the best of it !! They learn so much about life, themselves & the world around them!!

These young adults are amazing; our family is so proud of them & we feel blessed to have been a small part of their lives this past year!! Way to go seniors & High schoolers!! You guys rock & have such an advantage in life because of what you have learned & experienced here!!

The elementary students had an assembly to express what they as individual students and as their classes liked about this year & what they are thankful for; each class also got to pick their favorite song for all of the students to sing along with them. Here is a video of the Pre K class:

Video of Reagan’s 2nd grade class:

Here is Easton & Banning’s video of their class:

Pre K, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 4th grade & 6th grade:
Pre K kiddos 1st Graders 2nd Graders 4th Grade~Banning & Easton 6th Graders 6th Grader~favorite science project