as they mourn the tragic loss of their 5 year old daughter, Maria Sue Chapman.

I wept as I heard this news earlier today.

This family has a very dear place in our hearts; as they do for so many people. Over the years through Chapman’s wonderful music, his awesome testimonies & their amazing ministry work for orphans, they have inspired & encouraged us as a family in countless ways.

We are so sorry the Chapman family is going through this. Tragic accidents involving children are devastating & feel unbearable in the midst of all the pain. We know that we would have never survived our personal tragedy without our faith in God & Jesus Christ. We began healing from it only because of Gods grace, mercy, love & comfort. Especially helpful were the many, many heartfelt prayers for us from so many people. From people we knew & many, many people that didn’t even know us. Although we hope to never have to walk that path again (please God, no); in the midst of the ugly, overwhelming & incomprehensible moments, parts of it were amazing; we saw God right before our eyes, we felt Him in our hearts & saw Him in others, in so many different ways… daily…hourly…& always at just the right time; as we first walked our difficult path of healing & moving on through our grief, guilt, pain & anger.

The “what ifs” & “how comes” don’t go away or seem to get answered but God does carry us through these times & help us to reach a peace & understanding of Him which takes us to a new level with Him that we never had been before…

The Chapman’s have been called by God to do His work. They have obeyed Him. When people are called by God & obediently walk with Him; their will be strife. We are reminded that, as Christians, we are in a war between good & evil….that their are powers & forces all around us that we don’t have much knowledge of. Satan will want to use this tragedy to try & break up the Chapman family & all that they are; making them suffer even more pain & grief, all the while, making them useless to God.

Please pray for this family & keep praying daily; hourly; whatever your heart feels led to do; just lift them up in prayer; they need you; they need all of our prayers more than ever right now.

Our hearts are aching for them as they endure their pain.

May God be with them & may they feel His presence & comfort & hope during this time when their seems to be so little.