This year the Seniors had to cancel their original Senior Class trip. Their trip was scheduled for the week after the rioting started last month; so not knowing the outcome & length of the unrest, obviously it was in everyones best interest to cancel that trip.

Last weekend we had the privilege of helping to transport & chaperon the seniors on a day trip to the beach. It was wonderful to see these young adults relax & enjoy themselves, enjoy Gods creation & each other.

We didn’t have power after all so we did not have the music that students planned on but they did get to swim, lay out, eat, play poker & have a few wrestling matches.

The beach & water were beautiful. The quietness from Port au Prince was beautiful.

It was about a 2.5 hour drive & traveling the roads to get there was rather interesting but it seemed as if everyone had a great time & that it was definitely well worth the time, preparation & effort. We left early in the morning & made sure we left the beach by 3:30 to be back at QCS before dark.

A great group of kids got to go & it was fun seeing them & getting to know them more outside of the school setting…

Our kids got to go too & had a blast…

Bethaina at the beach