Hello all,

Sorry for the long time between posts. As you can imagine we are busy here and school is wrapping up. The computers and monitors have finally arrived and we are in the process of turning our computer lab from 12 computer to 24! Needless to say its been a bit of a struggle but things are coming along. We also wanted to thank all of our supporters (named and unnamed) as well as all the people who have been praying for us. Please know that it is not going unnoticed! Bless you all!!
We are also getting prepared for our first journey back to Idaho since we have been in Haiti. So many plans but God is in control. We hope to be back in Idaho in June but we have not set a date yet. When we are back in town we would love to meet any of you who have any questions about us or our ministry. We know that God has blessed NBCC and has increased its numbers. Praise the Lord for that and we hope to meet each and everyone of you!

Serving Christ in Haiti,
Sean, Denise, Chloe, Easton, Banning, Reagan