Yesterday we helped our friend Maryann make about 60 cupcakes for the orphanage that she lives at. They really liked them. Each kid said “Thank you” more than once because they were so grateful and they hardly get stuff like that…

1st tray of cupcakes2nd tray of cupcakes3rd tray of cupcakesimg_0903.jpgimg_0904.jpgimg_0905.jpgimg_0906.jpgimg_0907.jpgimg_0910.jpgimg_0913.jpg

Then we went over to the baby/toddler orphanage and gave them candy. They also liked it!!!


Then we bought 120 eggs on the street and hard boiled them because the orphanage was going to skip dinner because they did not have enough money to buy dinner . We also bought a large can of powdered milk mix so they could have that for breakfast. Each orphan got 2 hard boiled eggs and a roll for dinner.