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We hope all of you had a wonderful Easter celebration this year. Although we missed our family members in the states, we were truly blessed this year for Easter. We were all in good health, good spirits & we had a break from school & our usual routines. We spent our time catching up on many things, were able to spend time with our friends here & many other missionaries & Haitians. We also got to rest, play & continue to serve our Lord & Saviour.

Here is an awesome thought that was the theme of our Easter more than ever this year; it was in one of our school memos that I read yesterday as I was getting back into my routine here at QCS:

The empty tomb is good news for us. Jesus Christ died and rose again. But that’s not the end of the story. He also ascended into heaven where He is preparing a place for you and me! Because His grave was empty, we know that ours will be too – that even though we will someday die on earth, we will live with Him forever. What a Saviour! Because He lives I live forever!

I love that! It is so simple yet definitely amazing!

We boiled & dyed over 100 eggs on Saturday so we would be sure to have enough for an Easter Egg Hunt we had planned for some of the orphans we work with. It was a busy but awesome day. We are so proud of Chloe, Easton, Banning & Reagan as they helped us tremendously with this & participated in the Egg Hunt!

I haven’t even had a chance to catch up with Maryann to find out exactly how many kiddos were here that day for the hunt. Kids were ecstatically buzzing everywhere…I’m guessing 40ish?!?!?! Again, these kids hardly EVER leave the concrete floors & walls of their orphanage…it was a blessing to watch them & be a part of their day. Many people were involved, we are thankful for the drivers & safe transportation of the children, for the nannies who washed, best dressed & did hair for the orphans Easter outing, for the team of about 7 people who were here for a week from the states & Canada volunteering at this orphanage. Among many things they did, they brought & filled almost 300 plastic eggs for the hunt as well! They also provided lunch for all of the children! We cooked over 80 hot dogs on our little stove! It was an amazing & blessed day.

Another of the many acts that amazed me that day was the way the orphans shared & helped one another. Especially the siblings, they would go out of their way or stop what they were doing to find their sister or brother or friend to share a new found piece of candy. Some of the older kids did this for some of the younger ones if they saw on their own that they did not get a lot of plastic or hard-boiled eggs. Oh yes, I almost forgot, they loved the hard boiled eggs & gobbled those down just as fast as the candy!

God willing, next time we’ll boil even more…

Banning at work! Dying eggs with friends Chloes art work! Reagans talented work! Bethaina working hard having fun! Bethaina Wow! Katinas artwork! Ben, Katie Grace & Banning after mixing many colors together for the last couple of eggs! Whew…we finished; now that is some great talent!!

Then The Easter Egg Hunt!!!

Banning & Katina Getting Ready!! dsc_0112.jpg dsc_0123.jpg dsc_0127.jpg dsc_0128.jpg dsc_0135.jpg dsc_0147.jpg dsc_0152.jpg dsc_0153.jpg dsc_0170.jpg dsc_0178.jpg dsc_0186.jpg dsc_0213.jpg dsc_0223.jpg dsc_0226.jpg dsc_0239.jpg

Reagan is sick today with a fever, please pray for her.

Serving Christ in Haiti,
Denise & family


Yesterday we helped our friend Maryann make about 60 cupcakes for the orphanage that she lives at. They really liked them. Each kid said “Thank you” more than once because they were so grateful and they hardly get stuff like that…

1st tray of cupcakes2nd tray of cupcakes3rd tray of cupcakesimg_0903.jpgimg_0904.jpgimg_0905.jpgimg_0906.jpgimg_0907.jpgimg_0910.jpgimg_0913.jpg

Then we went over to the baby/toddler orphanage and gave them candy. They also liked it!!!


Then we bought 120 eggs on the street and hard boiled them because the orphanage was going to skip dinner because they did not have enough money to buy dinner . We also bought a large can of powdered milk mix so they could have that for breakfast. Each orphan got 2 hard boiled eggs and a roll for dinner.


We had the awesome privilege of celebrating Reagans 8th Birthday here in Haiti. She was so excited! She had a wonderful party with some friends:

reagan, katie & kesline opening bday presents painting dsc_0195.jpg

On her actual Birthday she handed out cupcakes that we made for her classmates:
when she saw I arrived with the cupcakes! her class singing her happy birthday… reagan passing out the cupcakes

Although orphanage visits can be extremely depressing, heartbreaking & overwhelming; they also bring much joy, comfort & hope to the orphans & also to us. Chloe, Reagan & I just love going to help & play at the orphanages whenever we can:
Chloe with this orphanages newest baby boy sick room area

Reagan with her camera. The kids love it when she takes a picture of them & then turns around & shows it to them!
reagan playing with the kids

tired lil boy beautiful lil girl

Remember this pic of this little girl from when we were here visiting last January?
“M” in Jan 2007 “M” jan 2007

Well this is her now!
Sweet lil “M” in March 2008

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Thank you, The Blesh family

If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being one in spirit and purpose. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Philippians 2:1-4 Written by the apostle Paul

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