We had a great view of the lunar eclipse last night!! It started at 9:00 pm here. It was beautiful. We enjoyed sitting outside & watching it. Here are some pics of what we saw here:
dsc_0058.jpg dsc_0082.jpg dsc_0082.jpg dsc_0054.jpg

Here are some pics during a Saturday sports & play day we had for some kids from an orphanage. We got permission from QCS to use the campus for this on Saturdays if nothing else will be going on. Most of the kids that came had not been out of the orphanage in over a year. Some two years! They also do not have any grass or much yard/outside area to play on at this orphanage, like many of the orphanages here.

dsc_0006.jpg dsc_0013.jpg dsc_0016.jpg dsc_0018.jpg dsc_0042.jpg dsc_0034.jpg dsc_0044.jpg

We loved doing this for them & were blessed by just watching them & playing with them. We fed them lunch too. It was fun but the lunch part is not in our current budget or our original plan; but these kids only get two meals a day & those meals consist of like 3 different varieties: corn meal mush, fish spaghetti or rice & beans. They have fish spaghetti for breakfast often. Sean & I have not been brave enough to try that Haitian meal yet. They eat a breakfast & an early dinner. We found out that morning they had missed breakfast in order to get to our place, plus they all played so hard. We hope to be able to continue this as it was more than amazing to see these kids run & play & laugh & swing, etc. Some of them had never been on a swing before or had so much free safe space to run through & just be a kid. They loved it & so did we! We would love to be able to feed them lunch after a few hours of swinging & playing soccer every Saturday. Each Saturday a different group of about 10 kids at a time will come.

If anyone would like to make a donation to go towards feeding these kids a great lunch that they are not used to getting, it would be much appreciated & enjoyed!! We are also looking for more monthly support to broaden this ministry, even $25 a month from several different people would help a great deal! Think about it, pray about it & thanks for your consideration…