Last week our kids had the week off from school mainly because of a Haitian event called Karnival which is like Mardi Gras here in Haiti.

Sean returned home safely on Thursday from Colorado & Friday we got to go to a beach called Wahoo Bay.

It was wonderful. We had a great day of family fun away from the hustle & bustle of Port au Prince which was so refreshing!

We took Maryann & 2 orphans from her place with us and Reagans 2nd grade teacher too. It was 70 miles one way and exactly a 2 hour drive each way. It was beautiful to get out of the city & see some countryside & “openness”.

We packed up lunch for everyone & lots of drinking water & headed out for a day of fun in the sun:

dsc_0020.jpg common Haitian transportation small village we drove through reagan & maryjenette haitian boaters Easton & Reagan all of us on the lil floating dock except Heather & Sean chloe & banning playing in the sand best kids ever!! C,E,B & R still swimming Banning with starfish common roadside view openness!!

What a blessing this trip was for us!