Our hearts & prayers are with Sean & his family in Colorado. Sean made it safely there late last night; thank you for your prayers. Today is the viewing & tomorrow is the funeral for Sean’s Grandmother. We prayed for them in church today, asking God to use them to comfort & encourage one another during this difficult time.

Things are fine on this end as we venture life in Haiti while Sean is away. We miss him greatly but we are in good hands.

Today church was encouraging, we feel so blessed to have such a wonderful group of people to worship with. It is a small church that ministers to missionaries in Haiti. We are fairly new to this church as we have only been going for about a month now. God knew exactly what we needed as he stirred in our hearts to “try” this other church; although it took us months to actually step forward & do it.

We are so thankful that we can be spiritually nourished in a way that God intended for us & our children personally to be. We are grateful for all of the churches that worship & teach about the truth of Jesus Christ here in Haiti. We are grateful that we are in a country that is relatively safe to even teach the word. Our God is such an awesome God. This morning, I was amazed, inspired & encouraged by what we learned & can apply to our lives ….& it’s all right there in the Bible. Praise God!!

Yesterday I helped serve breakfast & lunch to a group of men from the church that we used to go to. They were attending a seminar called “Men of Integrity”. Their were about 37 men, probably about 80% of them were Haitian men. I thought about how great it was that these Haitian men were doing something that they could do to learn how to improve their lives, how incredible it is that their are missionaries here to provide this for them. These men can take what they learn & apply it to themselves & their families, that they could role model & teach what they are learning to other Haitian men & boys. Changes could be made from this, little by little, changes will be made.

serving lunch oh dear maybe I should just delete this one or fix it!?!?! …looks like a postcard that went through the wash…

Yesterday we walked with our friend Kim (whom also teaches at QCS) to another English speaking church that sits on a beautiful piece of property. It’s about a 35 minute walk from our house.

Yes, this piece of property is surrounded by 10 plus foot cement walls topped with coiled Razor Wire; but in the middle of an overpopulated & very poor large city; it feels like a simple park from back home. It feels safe & it has it’s quiet beauty. Kim & our kids played soccer with the middle school & high school aged youth group. We played on the park equipment. We ran, we cheered for the soccer game. We had blue skies & a gentle cooling breeze!! It was wonderful.

On the walk there, our terrain was uneven dirt roads, paved roads, parts of paved roads, no side walks to broken sidewalks. Busy streets to secluded streets & quiet dirt alleys. Here, litter clutters many of the streets & pathways, although some of the streets looked rather pretty this time.

The smells vary from diesel, to burning trash, to urine & sewage, filth & pollution to food being cooked & an occasional whiff of “fresh” air or the fragrance of sweet flowers, like Lilacs back home.

On the busy streets, we walked by & over several different Haitian women whom you commonly find sitting on the filthy dirt ground against the wall & the street; usually a very small area of about 2.5 feet wide between the wall & were the cars drive by. Typically these woman are very small, frail & worn looking. Their faces tell of the unbelievable hard life they have had to endure. They hold their hands out for money, food or clean water. Some smile weakly but most look desperate & tired.

The street children have quite a bit more energy, determination & smiles but still carry that desperate look of extreme poverty. As we walk, we remember that we are doing all that we can as our individual ministries & hearts lead us and that sadly one person can’t help them all at once. We remember to take one day at a time.

When dusk was getting near, we headed out to walk back home to the Quisqueya Christian School Campus where we live; another little “safe” haven in the middle of Port Au Prince, Haiti. We left the walls & large, metal gate of the church property feeling refreshed after a few hours of innocent fun, sun & blue skies. We walked for about 10 minutes and then got a ride from some other missionaries that we knew.

img_9695.jpg img_9699.jpg img_9700.jpg little boy along the way Kim & Easton playing soccer Banning on the swings img_9726.jpg img_9727.jpg img_9738.jpg img_9741.jpg img_9743.jpg Reagan took this shot of Maryann at church this morning. MaryannReagan is into close up shots, very close up & when you aren’t expecting it, I won’t be posting any of the ones she took of me eating or talking 🙂 Maryann lucked out with this one…

Our friend Maryann (who is a missionary that lives at an orphanage here) spent the night with us so she could have a ride to church with us this morning from our friends, the Hersey’s, that so kindly pick us up & take us to church.

I had forgotten that today was the Super bowl, although at some point I knew when it was going to be. Kim reminded us as she came over last night to eat with us & make cupcakes for today. Another teacher (actually Reagan’s teacher) that lives on campus joined us for dinner too…so Sean, Mom & others who are concerned that we might be lonely, we are in great company.

Knowing that the Super bowl is going on in the states today & all that that entails, it feels like we are in an entirely different world than that one. I’m not complaining though, not today anyways 🙂 as we are feeling very blessed to be here doing what we can.

My best friend Kym in Idaho; as usual, God used you to lift me up & see clearly. Thank you for all that you are to me & my family. Your love has given me great joy and encouragement. Philemon 1:7

…and Debbie, thanks for your encouragement on continuing to blog…I needed that!

To our faithful supporter’s, Thank you; may your hearts know how much good you are doing here.

Sean, I’m waiting to hear from you on how your day went…

For all of us here & living for the name of Jesus Christ, Denise