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for you, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you. Psalm 9:10

I’ve been reading several books on early missionaries; some of them pioneers. I am familiar with many of them but now that we are actually here in Haiti ourselves, their stories, experiences & faith amaze me even more. I mean, I am in awe at the thought & realization of what these early missionaries did for the name of Jesus. The faith they had, especially through the many, many trials they endured, is something few of us may truly experience.

In the early 1800’s some Christians realized that places like China or India did not know about God. The ones that felt called to go, went. Then, boats were the only means to get where God called them to go; 4-6 month treacherous journeys, surrounded by nothing but open seas & uncertain outcomes… just to get there!

They didn’t have phones, email, the internet, automobiles, airplanes, quick evacuation methods or even reliable vaccines. Friends & loved ones that were left in their homelands couldn’t hear from them; if they made it or how they were doing for many months, sometimes over a year, just to get hand written words to each other.

We’ve only been here in Haiti for 4 months! It took us a weeks driving time & one day of flight time to get here. We have so many more conveniences than early missionaries did & still some people think we are crazy for being here! I shamefully admit that I have thought, at a time or two, that we are crazy for being here!

I believe people like Adoniram Judson, Ann Hasseltine Judson, Hudson Taylor, John Wesley & Jim Elliot (to only name a few) changed the world. They were people of God, people of action, determined to take the truth of Jesus Christ to those who had not heard it; some, even at the cost of their lives.

Yes, their are many ways to change the world & you don’t have to be a Christian or a missionary to do so…but I personally have particular interest in these early missionaries (or any Christian missionary for that matter) because of my belief in God & where I believe God is leading me & my family during this time in our lives.

My faith isn’t anywhere near the faith those early missionaries had & faith they kept during what they had to endure. Their journeys amaze me. Their experiences intrigue me.

Their stories & deep walks of faith make me ponder & realize that we must have an extremely unique & miraculous God, so amazing that I still don’t even come close to fully comprehending.

Between being so sick & recuperating slower than I would like, I have had more time to read than usual and God has used these stories to bless me & inspire me. I have been both humbled & strengthened by reading about these early missionaries.

Our family is personally trusting in the Lord as we continue to adjust to living & working in this beautiful, but what some might even call heathen, country of Haiti.

I think the fact that we have the awesome opportunity to travel to the states for the Christmas Season is making me even more amazed at how different time has changed the way many missionaries live.

My gracious father has purchased our entire family tickets to fly to his house in California. My brother, his wife & son live near there, & my little sister & her family will be traveling there & my youngest brother will as well. My Mom & step Dad are coming down from Idaho! Even my Grandmother whom I have not seen in 9 years will be there from Virginia; (unfortunately Easton, Banning and Reagan have never even met her). This will be such a special time. When we committed to moving to Haiti, we planned on not being able to go anywhere at all this first year.

For my Dad, whom together we agreed to disagree on us being here, I love you and am very grateful for your generosity, hard work & gift of us being able to be with you during the Christmas Season. Thank you Dad & Anna! We’ll be seeing you soon…

Serving Christ in Haiti,
Denise & family


We are feeling much better. Banning, Easton & I are still feeling a little weak & Banning still has a slight backache but we are finally back to our usual routines! Praise God!!

Chloe never even missed a beat. The rest of us are constantly drenching ourselves in Mosquito spray in hopes to never have to go through any of that again…

We’ve been told by others that one of the effects of Dengue fever can be depression. I must admit that for about 5 days (5 days that seemed endless at the time) I got very discouraged & fearful of many things. I questioned what on earth we are doing here, who in their right mind would stay here, especially for several years?!?! I really missed America for the first time. I never thought about leaving now or in the middle of this year, but I did think for a few days that no way are we staying here another year after this one!!

Satan has a way of taking advantage of us when we are down.

Saturday QCS had it’s annual Christmas Bazaar. Without any malls or Walmarts here, this is the main event in Haiti for any sort of Christmas type shopping & preparation. It was a fun time for everyone. People came from all over. There were many booths with various merchandise for sale, lots of wonderful food & treats & some carnival type games with prizes for the kids. Santa was even there!!

The day went into the evening & the campus had been decorated beautifully for Christmas. So many dedicated teachers, QCS staff, students & parents worked so hard to make it all happen. I was set up to help with the decorating & one of the booths but because of being so sick & barely feeling well by Saturday, I did not get to help. Banning, Easton & I did manage to get out & enjoy the events for awhile. We missed out on a lot of the yummy treats as are tummies were still not happy, but we made sure we were up for watching Sean for his 1/2 hour in the softball dunking booth!! The QCS students loved that. One kid even pitched something like a total of 49 balls just for Sean! Sean went down in the water many, many times in his time in the dunking booth….That was fun. I think Reagan & Kesline made up for what we missed on the amounts of eating junk food, desserts & candy!!

It was a warm night…with the Christmas lights that were all over & the traditional Christmas music & everyone in such good spirits, it did feel like the Christmas season, even here in Haiti… without malls, commercials, advertisements, candy canes, Salvation Army people ringing bells & red donation pots & all the rest of the Christmas hype that we are accustomed to, even without freezing temperatures & fresh, white snow, it was a wonderful time & did feel like Christmas. It was a treat for all & a very blessed day.

Here are some pics from this event:
Chloe Easton Banning Reagan Kesline & Naomi with Santa duck pond game duck pond game sand art naomi sean dunking booth sean dunking booth banning pitching easton pitching QCS Christmas Bazaar 2007 QCS Christmas Bazaar 2007

Today, I am feeling more like myself again. Last night as I was reading a book about one of the first missionaries to go to inland China, God spoke to me & I realized again that without a doubt, this is where God wants us to be. I felt immense relief. By His grace we are here. Sean & I can cast our burdens to the Lord. We as His servants, will continue to work here as He wills it & provides, leaving the results to Him.

Please be in prayer with us as we seek to earn more income &/or raise more monthly support so we can continue Gods work here…

…and to our current financial supporters, prayer supporters & friends whom are making this all possible for Gods glory, we humbly & gratefully thank you.

In Christ, Denise

Well we thought we were on the mend…

Banning and Reagan still stayed home from school today. Headache and eye pain… Denise isn’t feeling any pain today for the first time in 8 days… she is just tired & weak. I’m about 80% (get tired easily). We should know more tomorrow if it was malaria/dengue fever/ some other tropical fun.

These are pics of the first 2 days when we felt sick. Little did we know; it was only the beginning. Reagan & Banning felt a little achy so they slept in our room on the floor. The next morning the boys felt achy & had a headache but could still rest & play quietly.
Banning & reagan Easton & Banning

Then the next 4 days & nights after that were a blur of misery.

Here are a couple of pics of Denise, Banning, Easton playing parchesi today, as you can see they are feeling much better but it has been a very rough week & a half. The joint & back pain, body aches, fevers & chills were relentless. I hope we never have to go through that again…in the peak of it, we couldn’t even sleep but moving around was not an option either, it was miserable. I think on the fourth night of it all, they finally got something to help them sleep.

Denise, Banning, Easton Parchesi

And here is the little bugger that can cause such problems…
The mosquitos here are small & you don’t feel them when they bite…they are not our friends anymore…

As I type this Banning just started the intense itching, rash phase. I couldn’t stand this as it felt like millions of needles were poking your skin & also at the same time like millions of bugs itching every inch of your body; Luckily this is the tail end of it…he should be feeling much better these next few days…

Thank you all for your prayers. We really appreciate them, they are working, we are healing…

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